The Yogasleep Go is an incredibly portable and powerful speaker that is perfect for travel. It's small size means you can take it just about anywhere, but don't let its size fool you - this speaker packs a big punch in terms of volume and audio quality. The Yogasleep Go delivers crisp, clear sound without any distortion or cracking.

This review will provide an overview of the Yogasleep Go, including its design, features, sound quality, and overall value for money. We'll also compare the speaker to similar products on the market to give you a better idea of how it stacks up. Finally, we'll provide our verdict on whether or not this is a product worth investing in.

Yogasleep Go Side View

Poor Sleep Leads To Poor Health

Poor sleep can have a significant impact on both physical and mental health, leading to a wide range of chronic illnesses. People who suffer from poor sleep often experience fatigue, difficulty concentrating, mood swings, and increased stress levels. Chronic lack of quality sleep can lead to heart disease, diabetes, depression, and other serious medical conditions. In extreme cases, poor sleep can even lead to death.

White noise machines are one way to help people get improved sleep. White noise machines produce soothing sounds such as rain, waves, rustling leaves, and other natural calming noises that mask background disturbances and promote relaxation. Studies have shown that exposure to white noise (especially pink and brown noise) helps lull people into a deeper, more restful sleep.

White noise can also help babies and young children who are sensitive to sounds. Sound machines can block out disruptive noises that would otherwise wake a baby or child, allowing them to sleep more soundly. In addition, white noise can be effective in helping people with insomnia and other sleeping disorders fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Research has shown that white noise can help reduce stress by providing a sound barrier between the sleeper and disruptive noises, allowing for more restful sleep.

White noise machines can be used to mask tinnitus, which is a condition where people hear persistent ringing or buzzing in their ears. White noise is effective in masking the sound of tinnitus, allowing people to get more restful sleep.

White noise is also helpful for blocking out sounds during work or study sessions. Listening to white noise can help reduce distractions and improve focus on tasks at hand. It can also be used while working out or practicing mindfulness and meditation to help stay in the moment.

Sound machines can be used in offices or other workspaces to reduce background chatter and provide a more productive working environment. It can also make long commutes on public transport more bearable by masking out disruptive loud noises.

Overall, white noise machines can be beneficial for those who struggle with sleeping or need to concentrate in noisy environments. By providing a consistent sound, it can help reduce stress and anxiety while promoting better sleep and improved focus. However, white noise should not be used excessively as it can become overstimulating and have the opposite effect of what was intended. It is important to find the right volume and type of white noise that helps you to relax, focus or fall asleep. Determining the ideal environment for your needs can help you create a more peaceful atmosphere.

Yogasleep GO

Product Specs

The Yogasleep Go is an incredibly useful and versatile noise machine that can help create the ideal environment for relaxation, focus, or sleep. The device features a range of sound options, including white, pink, and nature noises, as well as custom mixes. It also has an adjustable volume control that allows you to find the perfect sound level, with a volume range of 0-67 dB.

Additionally, the Yogasleep Go has a rechargeable battery so it can be used anywhere - especially when traveling.

Product Quality

The Go portable white noise machine is a high-quality noise machine that manages to provide the perfect sound environment for relaxation, focus, or sleep. The range of sound options included provide users with plenty of variety to choose from, and its adjustable volume levels make it easier to find the ideal sound level. The stand converts into a convenient hook for hanging on doorknobs or bedposts. This travel sleep sound machine is also designed with durability in mind, as it has a sturdy and robust construction. Additionally, it comes with a rechargeable battery so users can be sure that it won't run out of power during their travels or other activities away from home.

Features & Benefits


- Variety of 11 sound selections with adjustable volume levels

- Three timer options for flexible control over the sound duration

- Durable and robust construction

- Rechargeable battery for use away from home.


- Create a calming environment for relaxation, focus, or sleep.

- Easily find the ideal sound level to suit your needs.

- Enjoy long-lasting use with its durable design and rechargeable battery.

- Have flexibility in how long you want the sound to play.

Yogasleep Go Power Cord
Yogasleep Power Cord


The pros of this product are numerous. Firstly, its adjustable volume levels allow users to create a calming environment that is tailored to their individual needs, such as for relaxation, focus, or sleep. Secondly, it has a durable and robust construction which ensures long-lasting use. Thirdly, its rechargeable battery allows for use away from home, for outdoor activities, and travel. Finally, its compact size makes it easy to carry around or store in a backpack when not in use.


The cons of this product are few, but still worth mentioning. Firstly, the adjustable volume levels may not be suitable for those sensitive to sound, as the lowest setting is still quite loud. Secondly, the rechargeable battery can take up to several hours to fully charge and may require more frequent recharging than expected due to its limited capacity. There is no power pack for a wall outlet, the power source is a USB cable.

Yogasleep Go Control Panel


The pricing of this machine is incredibly affordable and accessible for anyone looking to purchase. The average price on Amazon is only $32, plus, with Amazon Prime, customers can get free two-day shipping and take advantage of other exclusive benefits.


When shopping for a white noise machine, it's important to compare products and their features. The Yogasleep Go sound machine is an excellent option when compared to its top competitors. The Go offers 11 sound options, including nature sounds and white noise, allowing users to select the perfect soundscape for them. When compared to other top competitors in the space, the Yogasleep Go is a more affordable option. It’s also easier to use and helps create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation or sleep. The white noise machine itself has a sleek design and fits easily into any decor style without taking up too much room.

The Yogasleep Go also offers great customer support. All Yogasleep products come with a 30-day return policy. If you experience any issues with the GO sleep therapy sound machine, Yogasleep has dedicated staff available to help. They are knowledgeable and can walk you through any steps needed to get your device running smoothly.

Yogasleep GO for Office Privacy

Customer Experiences

Customers who have used the Yogasleep Go report great experiences with the product. They found that it was a reliable and affordable way to set the perfect atmosphere for relaxation or sleep. The sleek design of the device not only fit seamlessly into their decor but was also discreet enough that it didn't take up too much space.

"We use this for every nap, car ride, out & about, you name it.", and "Those apps on your phone don’t cut it. But…this teeny guy is wonderful! Big sounds and small sizes make traveling much easier." are just some of the glowing reviews that buyers have taken the time to share.


What is the Yogasleep Go?

The Yogasleep Go is a travel sleep sound machine that uses sound technology to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and sleep. It has a sleek design that fits seamlessly into any decor while being discreet enough not to take up too much space. The sound machine and USB charger fit neatly in an overnight bag or suitcase for travel sleep needs or office privacy concerns.

How does it work?

The Yogasleep Go utilizes sound technology, such as white noise and nature sounds, to help you relax or sleep better in any environment. It is equipped with adjustable volume control so you can set your desired sound level for optimum comfort.

Is the product easy to use?

Yes, the device is incredibly easy to use and requires no assembly or setup before using it – simply turn on the power switch and select your preferred mode of operation with its user-friendly interface. Enjoy deep sleep white noise machine sleep therapy in minutes.

Does this product come with an app?

No, this portable white noise machine does not require an app nor does it come with one; all settings can be easily adjusted directly on the device’s function panel on the back. The Go travel sound machine is not a wireless speaker and uses a USB charger for its power source.

What is the warranty policy?

This travel sleep sound machine automatically includes Yogasleep's 30-day return policy for a full refund. Beyond that period, the GO comes with a one-year limited manufacturer warranty covering any defects or malfunctions due to faulty materials or workmanship. If the product is found to be defective within this period, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Customers must register their purchase online to activate the warranty. For more details, please refer to the Warranty Policy section on their website.

Yogasleep Go Front View


Overall, our product is designed to provide excellent sound quality and convenience with its user-friendly functions, small profile but big sound. It also comes with a one-year limited warranty that covers any defects or malfunctions due to faulty materials or workmanship. We highly recommend it as an ideal choice for those looking for superior quality and reliability in a portable white noise sound machine.

Big Sleep In A Tiny Package

To put a bow on it, the Yogasleep GO is the perfect choice for those looking for an exceptional portable travel sleep sound machine. This device provides users with high-quality sound, convenience, and reliability, as well as a wide range of sound selections to choose from. With its one-year limited warranty and additional features available on its website, this device offers great value for its price. So don't wait any longer and get your Yogasleep GO today!

If you are interested in purchasing the GO travel sound machine or would like to learn more, please tap the button to be taken directly to Amazon. Thank you for reading this review.

Happy sleeping!

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