Do you like reading but often find yourself without anything to read?

Check out our list of the best books for men! From biographies to world war history to modern historical fiction, we’ve got you covered. You’ll never be bored again with such a variety of interesting books to choose from.

Reading has so many benefits for men and is a great way to escape into another world or learn something new. It can also help improve your focus, vocabulary, and communication skills. So what are you waiting for? Start reading today!

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How We Choose

With so many different books out there, it can be tough to know where to start. You'll find unending suggestions to read the classics, like Mark Twain, John Steinbeck, Henry David Thoreau and the usual high school English class reading list.

While those are true classic text in their own right, they can be overwhelming for guys who are looking to get back into reading. And once you do find a book you want to read, it's often hard to get through it without getting interrupted.

We have pored over thousands of critics' reviews, books, reader star rankings, and required reading recommendations. Our list of the best books for modern men will help you find something interesting and informative to read. We've selected books in a variety of genres, that are relevant today, so there's something for everyone.

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Best Books for Men

Best Non-Fiction Sports

The League: How Five Rivals Created the NFL and Launched a Sports Empire by John Eisenberg

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What It's All About

Get ready for the history lesson of a lifetime! In The League: How Five Rivals Created the NFL and Launched a Sports Empire, author John Eisenberg recounts the incredible story of five owners who revolutionized sports in 1920s America.

From George Halas and the Bears to their tumultuous early years, this widely acclaimed book digs deep into the roots of what eventually became one of America’s most beloved sports empires – The National Football League.

Discover how these five ambitious owners persevered through their differences and disputes to create an organization that would become a renowned economic and cultural powerhouse – earning itself fans all across the nation. Not only was it a lucrative venture, but over time pro football grew its own unique culture and identity.

Learn about the true story behind pro football: how it started from virtual obscurity, climbed out with determination and ambition, and eventually reached heights no one could have imagined. The League will take you on a journey back in time….one full of sportsmanship, rivalry, legacy building –– even a few scandals along the way! It is truly a must-read for any passionate NFL fan or historian. Get your copy today!

About the Author

John Eisenberg has leaped the annals of NFL history, uncovering an action-packed story that has largely gone untold. In crafting this piece with a novelist's expertise, readers will be transported to the 1920s and witness five men bravely striving to shape a fledgling league into what it is today. Every detail of this chapter in history is meticulously researched, providing a captivating read that feels like you're living it rather than simply reading about it. In telling this engrossing tale, Eisenberg brilliantly showcases the grit and tenacity of these pioneers - so much so that it deserves to become its own movie.

Best Non-Fiction War Story

The Greatest Beer Run Ever by John Donohue

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What It's All About

Attention, beer enthusiasts and adventure-seekers alike! The Greatest Beer Run Ever will transport you back to the late 1960s, during a tumultuous time in America's history, as one adventurous man embarks on a courageous mission.

So what was this remarkable enterprise? John "Chickie" Donohue was a New Yorker and former U.S. Marine who had heard his pals serving in Vietnam were desperate for beer! Undaunted by an incredible challenge, Chickie buys 144 cases of Budweiser (because nothing else seemed right) and boards a jet for the Far East – all the while traversing numerous international checkpoints along the way.

It's an epic story punctuated by hair-raising military maneuvers, unexpected twists of fate, and outrageous challenges at every turn! But through it all, Chickie maintained an air of irreverence and good humor as he brought cheer - not to mention refreshment - to Americans at war.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever is a wild ride that will make you laugh, cry and smile. Pick up your copy today for a heroic tale that reminds us of the power of friendship - no matter how unlikely it may seem!

About the Author

John “Chick” Donohue made significant contributions to the United States through his service in the Marine Corps, his work as a Sandhog for the Laborers International Union of North America, and his studies at Harvard University.

He joined the Marine Corps at seventeen and, after his discharge, became a Merchant Mariner. Working as a Sandhog helped him gain experience in labor relations which he applied while serving as Legislative and Political Director of the union. John's dedication to self-improvement saw him attend Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government and develop strong connections across both the public and private sectors.

Finally, he found love along his journey too; he is married to Theresa “Terri” O’Neil. John Donohue is an inspiring example of someone who dedicated himself to progress both nationally as well as personally.

Best Fiction - Legal Drama

The Boys From Biloxi by John Grisham

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What It's All About

Step into the sixties and experience John Grisham’s thrilling legal drama with The Boys from Biloxi. Keith Rudy and Hugh Malco were childhood friends growing up in Biloxi, Mississippi. But as they grew older, their paths couldn’t have diverged any further—Keith’s father became a legendary prosecutor on a mission to “clean up the Coast,” while Hugh’s father became an infamous criminal mastermind.

When their two worlds collided in a courtroom, years of friendships and family ties were put at risk. Read this spellbinding story as these two friends turn adversaries and take your breath away. With Grisham’s trademark twists and turns, this amazing piece is bound to keep you hooked until the stunning last page. With plenty of intensity, action, and emotion, The Boys from Biloxi is an engaging legal thriller sure to captivate readers of all ages!

About the Author

John Grisham has established an impressive legacy as one of the greatest novelists of our time. With forty-seven consecutive #1 bestsellers and translations into nearly fifty languages, it is no wonder he has been recognized with two Harper Lee Prizes for Legal Fiction and honored by the Library of Congress with a Creative Achievement Award for Fiction.

When he is not writing novels, New York Times bestselling author Grisham serves on the board of directors at the Innocence Project and Centurion Ministries. These organizations are dedicated to exonerating those who have been wrongfully convicted, which is a theme often explored in his fiction. John Grisham continues to be a powerful voice in both literature and the justice movement we strive for today.

Best Self-Help Book

Stop Overthinking by Nick Trenton

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What It's All About

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by anxious thoughts that seem to go in circles, Nick Trenton and his book Stop Overthinking can help.

Overthinking is the biggest cause of unhappiness, but with a few simple techniques, you can break free from negative thought patterns and enjoy a worry-free life. Nick’s method is based on proven techniques that have helped countless others free their minds from fretting about things that don’t matter.

Stop Overthinking gives readers access to an inner sanctuary – one where they don’t feel bad anymore, where they can stay present and think clearly without being caught up in the past or future worries.

It provides essential tools for rewiring your brain, controlling your thoughts, and living more authentically in the now. Best of all? You no longer have to put yourself down or keep yourself up at night with racing thoughts!

If you want to reduce stress, be able to stay focused on the present moment, and achieve more with your life while feeling happier, then this book is exactly what you need! Let Nick help you unlock your true potential through Stop Overthinking. By the end of it, there will be no turning back - only success stories ahead!

About the Author

Nick Trenton was raised on a farm in rural Illinois, where his best friend through thick and thin was the family dachshund, Leonard. Though Leonard is no longer with us, Nick still looks back fondly on those simpler days as a young boy, and the childhood activities that helped him form who he is today.

Following his formative years living off the land, Nick earned Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Economics, as well as Behavior Psychology. As a result of these two disciplines, Nick considers himself to be quite knowledgeable when it comes to observing people - considering it one of his favorite hobbies.

As for how successful he will be as a writer, that remains an open question.

Best Biographical Book

And There Was Light: Abraham Lincoln and the American Struggle by John Meacham

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What It's All About

Abraham Lincoln stands apart as a uniquely transformative figure in American history. And There Was Light: Abraham Lincoln and the American Struggle is a historical novel that takes a comprehensive look at his life, from his birth in 1809 to his role as a leader during the Civil War and eventual assassination in 1865.

This exploration dives deeper into Lincoln's self-education, loves, political stints, bouts of depression, and deepening faith that slavery must end. It makes a statement on the human condition about the courage of enslaved people at the time and how Black Americans’ brave witnesses could shape events.

This book is an essential read for history buffs, particularly anyone interested in learning more about an iconic figure who helped expand possibilities for America. Through easy-to-understand language and an engaging narrative style, readers can join Lincoln on his fascinating journey as he grows from humble beginnings as a young man on the Kentucky frontier to becoming one of our nation's most beloved presidents. Read up on how this remarkable leader confronted secession and threats to democracy in 19th-century America.

With And There Was Light: Abraham Lincoln and the American Struggle you'll gain insight into a 24-year saga demonstrating both what has been done within our democracy—and what remains needed to continue making progress toward true justice and opportunity for all. So why not lighten up your reading count with this quintessential piece?

About the Author

Jon Meacham, Pulitzer Prize–winning biographer, is highly esteemed in the field of history. This New York Times bestseller has written expansive non-fiction books of giants such as Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Franklin, Winston Churchill, and George Herbert Walker Bush, earning him the reputation of being one of America's premier historians.

Alongside his other titles, he is a distinguished visiting professor at Vanderbilt University, a contributing writer for The New York Times Book Review, and a fellow of the Society of American Historians. It is no wonder then that Meacham calls Nashville home with his wife and children.

Best Random Facts Book

The Book of Unusual Knowledge by Publications International, Ltd.

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What It's All About

Welcome to a world of unconstrained possibilities and astonishing discoveries! "The Book of Unusual Knowledge" is an immense 704-page hardcover book jam-packed with all sorts of intangible knowledge, which you can use to amaze your friends, acquire unique skills, and challenge your mind. This is the perfect guidebook for anyone who likes to stay informed and has a thirst for learning!

With this book in hand, you'll never be short of something interesting and captivating. This book explores a variety of articles, anecdotes, lists, games, and more that will help you discover fascinating insights about a range of subjects. These include animals, art, sports, technology, history, politics, and even the universe! No topic is left untouched in this indispensable encyclopedia. And each time you read up on something unusual, you'll become even smarter than before - what could be better than that?

So why not give this beguiling book a try? You’ll come away with newfound curiosities that will continually enrich your understanding of our dynamic modern world. Plus its great fun too! So get ready for hours of thought-provoking reading – The Book of Unusual Knowledge awaits your exploration.

About the Author

Founded in 1967, Publications International, Ltd. has long been a leader in print and digital product innovation. Throughout its long and venerable history, PIL has developed an impressive portfolio of educational offerings, such as interactive learning experiences and reference materials.

From automotive to cookbooks and even inspirational reads, there's something for everyone in their highly diverse range of genres. Additionally, they provide ratings on new and used automobiles each year through their Consumer Guide division, enabling buyers to make informed decisions.

With their successful track record of producing high-quality content across multiple formats and platforms, it's no wonder that PIL remains one of the leading publishers today.

Best Books for Men FAQ

It can be hard to know which books are worth reading, and even harder to know where to start.

Most men don't read because they feel like it's a waste of time. They think that the best books for men are the ones that teach you how to be better at your job or how to pick up women.

The truth is, there are a lot of great books out there that can help you become a better man. From learning new skills and expanding your knowledge, to improving your relationships and becoming more emotionally intelligent, there's something for everyone. We've put together this FAQ section to help you better understand the benefits of reading.

What do men read the most?


Statistics show that men read quite a variety of material - from novels and news articles to biographies and self-help books. Indeed, men may not read as much overall as women do, but that doesn't mean they don't enjoy reading or have far-ranging interests when it comes to literature.

According to recent research, the most popular genres for male readers include fantasy novels, sci-fi stories, very adult world, mystery tales, historical accounts, and self-reliance books. In addition to these more common titles, many men also choose comics and manga series along with short stories.

In general though regardless if you're looking for some light reading or something more intense – there are plenty of options out there tailored specifically towards this demographic so no matter your taste you can find something interesting that appeals directly to your tastes including nonfiction options such as biographies & autobiographies all across various topics such as politics & philosophy!

Does reading make men more attractive?


Absolutely! Reading can be a great way to make yourself more attractive. Studies have shown that reading expands your understanding of the world, increases your creativity and critical thinking skills, and boosts your self-confidence. All of these traits are undeniably attractive in both men and women alike.

Reading also makes you more interesting by giving you fodder for conversation topics from various genres and sources. You can win friends and talk to people about books or authors that interest them or share knowledge gleaned from the books you've read with them, making you irresistibly intriguing!

Moreover, numerous studies have proven that intelligence is an attractive trait in men and reading is one of the quickest ways to become knowledgeable about vast subjects without having formal education; this shows ambition as well as dedication which are not only impressive but also necessary qualities to build attraction between two people.

In addition, when it comes specifically to romantic relationships between partners who read together often studies have shown they experience lower levels of stress than non-reading couples since they get lost within their little worlds with each other during their reading sessions — providing a much-needed escape from reality while still being very intimate at the same time!

So yes, it's clear that overall there's no question: Reading does indeed make men more attractive!

Who reads more male or female?


Recent research has indicated that women read more than men. This is a trend that has been established in the last two decades as libraries, bookstores, and other educational institutions have received data indicating an increase in female readership across multiple nations.

Overall however it appears fairly clear from existing research - adult females tend to read much more than adult males; with data showing an approximate 20-point gap between genders for those aged 18 or over living within developed countries around the world today.

What do rich people read daily?


Rich people read a variety of material daily, ranging from books and magazines to financial reports and industry reviews, depending on their interests and needs. Generally speaking, they focus on staying up-to-date with current news and trends in the business world as well as engaging materials related to financial topics such as investing, taxes, budgeting, asset management, and so forth.

They also tend to prioritize reading professional development literature like biographies of successful entrepreneurs or business leaders. Many wealthy individuals have found tremendous amounts of value in reading the stories of other inspiring figures – it can help them develop an understanding of how these successful players achieved their outcomes while giving them a new perspective that can be applied to their work.

Furthermore, this genre provides access to advice from some of the most prolific influencers which can be invaluable for any aspiring entrepreneurs looking to influence people in today's competitive market.

Is reading good for men?


Absolutely! Reading is one of the best habits a man can acquire. The benefits of reading are far-reaching, with the potential to help improve mental and physical health, increase productivity, cultivate relationships and expand knowledge.

Mentally speaking, regular readers tend to have increased focus and concentration abilities compared to non-readers, as well as better comprehension skills for stories or topics that come up in everyday conversations and at work. That said, reading has been proven to reduce stress levels by 68%, making it an ideal activity for those looking for an escape from daily stressors or a calming pre-bedtime ritual.

Physically speaking, reading has been shown by numerous studies to lower blood pressure and heart rate while improving overall cardiovascular health. Furthermore, staying mentally active through reading can help ward off cognitive decline associated with aging as we get older!

Reading is also incredibly useful in improving our ability to think critically and solve problems more effectively; allowing us time away from distractions gives us time alone with our thoughts so that we can analyze the world around us better. As such many successful entrepreneurs swear by their bookshelves!

By filling your mind with interesting ideas you will naturally become more creative which can lead to great success in business – something very beneficial for men especially those who may be striving towards career goals.

Finally, there’s nothing like getting lost in a good book – not only are you boosting your mental capacity but also giving yourself some much-needed downtime during which you can reflect on lessons learned from a defining novel or simply enjoy your favorite characters on screen without worrying about real-world commitments – make sure though that whether fiction or nonfiction what you’re taking in should be factual!

Why do men read less?


The simple answer is that men statistically read less than women do, but the reasons for this are a bit more complicated.

Studies have found that there is a slight decrease in the amount of time people spend reading overall between genders. According to some research, women generally tend to devote more time to recreational and leisure activities while men gravitate more towards work-related ones.

There is evidence suggesting that our cultural messages may play a role as well. Women are often encouraged from an early age to engage in reading as part of their development while boys are less likely to be involved with books and other forms of written expression before they reach adulthood.

This lack of encouragement could contribute significantly to why fewer men take up reading for pleasure later on in life compared with women.

What are the 7 habits of a good reader?


Reading is one of the most important skills for ensuring success in any area of life. Whether it’s advancing in your career, keeping up with current events, or staying up to date on discoveries, having a good reading habit will come in handy.

Here are seven habits of a good reader:

1. Read Regularly: Just like any other skill, reading takes practice and dedication. Set aside specific times each day to read so that you can make progress every day!

2. Make Reading Interactive: Take notes while you read - jotting down key points and ideas as you go along helps keep focus and engage more deeply with the material.

3. Read Broadly & Differently: Read books from many different genres and perspectives so that your mind is exposed to new ideas – plus it prevents boredom! Also, try listening to audiobooks or watching movies based on books if you need a break from actual reading but still want to take on content related to something you’ve been learning about lately.

4. Discuss What You've Learned with Others: Talking through what we learn helps us better remember it because absorbing information over time prevents fatigue better than cramming it all in at once! Having conversations about literature with friends or colleagues can also be an interesting way to explore new theories together—you never know where these conversations may lead!

5 . Be Mindful & Present: Try not to get too caught up in multi-tasking when engaging with text; this kind of task switching leads our brains oftentimes away from actually understanding the material we're consuming instead of leading us towards strong comprehension.

6 . Ask Questions While You Read: Learn actively by asking yourself questions about what is happening and why? Asking thoughtful questions encourages critical thinking which builds into valuable transferable skills across disciplines (not just when reading).

7 . Break Down What You've Learned & Reflect: At least once a week take some time out at the end of your sessions dedicated solely for reflection on what was learned earlier that week -- studying how different research findings relate should help solidify them within your memory much easier than simply focusing solely on memorizing facts without context!

What happens if you read constantly?


Reading regularly is an excellent habit to cultivate. It has many positive benefits that can help people from all walks of life. For starters, reading helps strengthen your memory and recall capabilities.

When you read something, your brain stores bits and pieces of information from the text in a way that’s easy to retrieve later on. This means when you come across a relevant topic in conversation or class lecture, you can more easily remember important facts related to it!

Additionally, reading improves your communication skills by helping build your vocabulary and grammar proficiency.

What happens to your brain if you read all day?


If you read constantly, you can develop yourself in many ways and increase your knowledge base. Reading has a range of benefits, both for developing the mind and for improving overall well-being.

First, reading has been proven to strengthen mental acuity. Regularly engaging with literature expands one's vocabulary, sharpens critical thinking skills, and promotes hormonal balance in the brain which can lead to better problem-solving abilities.

Studies have also found that those who engage in regular literacy activities are likely to see improved memory retention and preservation of cognitive functions like logic, language development, focus, concentration, perception, and creativity.

Reading also offers emotional benefits as it helps people become more aware of how they think or feel about certain topics or situations. Through reading stories that range from fictional adventures to real-life biographies we gain an understanding of how characters work through difficult situations which can provide valuable perspective on our own lives and experiences when faced with similar predicaments.

Additionally, reading exposes us to different points of view which gives us a greater appreciation for cultural diversity while helping us sympathize with others’ perspectives more effectively.

Which age group reads the most?


According to a Pew Research Center study in 2015, adults ages 30-49 are the most likely to be “avid readers”, meaning they read books for pleasure at least once a week or more.

That being said, though adults over 50 still read frequently and avidly, those between 18-29 who have grown up with technology tend to be less avid readers than their older counterparts.

Additionally, according to a 2020 survey by Statista surveying over 1,000 people across all demographics in the United States (US), adults aged 25–34 were found to be more likely than any other age group surveyed (20+)to read a book at least once per month; 77% of respondents within this age range stated they had done so - making them around 20% more likely than respondents aged 65+ who registered at 58%.

Is reading 30 minutes a day enough?


According to research, reading for 30 minutes a day is a great start for developing and improving your reading skills. Reading is an essential part of learning, not just in school but in the rest of life too.

Studies have shown that people who read regularly have better concentration, problem-solving skills, creativity, improved memory, and an increase in knowledge.

In today's world where technology has taken over most aspects of our lives, it can be difficult to find time to read every day. Despite this fact, however, making it a priority to read at least 30 minutes each day can have significant benefits on your daily life as well as long-term success.

So Which Best Book for Men is the Right Read for You?

Reading is an excellent way to improve mental well-being, increase knowledge, and lessen stress. For these reasons among others, book clubs have been growing in popularity in recent years as men seek out ways to improve their day-to-day lives.

Getting started with reading can be easy—simply ask friends or family members for recommendations or look up reviews online. However, the most difficult part of reading may be carving out time each day to dedicate to it; if this becomes a challenge, try setting small goals like reading for 20 minutes before bedtime each night.

No matter how much time is dedicated to reading every day, it will always be beneficial in some way!

How to Choose the Right Electric Shaver for Black Men
Hey there, I am the GoodsFellow, and I’m going to be reviewing the best electric shavers for black men.

We at GoodsFellow are always on the lookout for ways to help men be aware of their health and provide resources if you're struggling.

As men, we tend to neglect our health by not making regular doctor's visits, not exercising enough and ignoring our emotional states. But one of the most overlooked elements of good health is actually reading—picking up a book can make a huge difference in both physical and mental well-being.

Studies have shown that reading helps improve memory and concentration, aids in relieving stress, boosts creativity and imagination, builds empathy, strengthens analytical thinking skills and generally improves the lives of men who take some time to read. So why not use your free time to pick up a book?

Adding reading into your routine can help you lead a healthier life, something all men should strive for. See this article: from the fine folks over at Healthline for more insight into this topic.

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