Are you in the market for a new gas grill?

We know that finding the right gas grill can be tough. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you find the best one for your needs – and your budget.

We want to help you find the perfect gas grill so you can start cooking up some amazing meals for your friends and family. With our list of the best grills under $500, it’s easy to find one that will fit your needs.

Keep reading below to see our top picks for the best gas grills under $500!

How We Choose

You want to buy a new gas grill, but you're not sure if you should spend more or less than $500.

It's hard to know how much to spend on a new gas grill. You could end up spending too much and regretting it later, or not spending enough and ending up with a grill that doesn't meet your needs.

We've done the research for you and found the best gas grills under $500. We have covered thousands of customer reviews, star rankings, and product descriptions for you. We have considered cooking space, materials, durability, space, and portability concerns. Not only are they affordable, but they also have great features that will make your grilling experience better than ever.

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Best Premium Quality Under $500

Weber Spirit II E-210

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Why We Love It

The Weber Spirit II E-210 Grill is the perfect grill for your outdoor grilling needs. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, you’ll find this two-burner compact grill is exactly what you need to get the job done and make your backyard barbeque shine. With top customer reviews for the quality of materials, temperature control, even heat distribution, and ease of cleaning, no matter what you’re cooking, it’s sure to turn out perfectly every time. And because we believe in our product so strongly, we’ve backed it up with a generous 10-year warranty!

Ready to start grilling? Absolutely. The Infinity Ignition guarantees it will ignite every single time! Combined with the GS4 grilling system - which provides an incredibly powerful heating solution - this kit proves that great things do come in small packages, as though snuggly into even the tightest of spaces. You can also take advantage of 3D interactive assembly instructions via our free BILT app if needed; otherwise, enjoy being up and grilling immediately after unboxing your Weber Spirit II E-210.

What's Under the Covers?

With the GS4 Grilling System, you get top-of-the-line quality and performance. Thanks to the Infinity Ignition, powerful burners, and Flavorizer Bars, you will be able to enjoy perfectly grilled food every time. The Grease Management System ensures ease of cleanup after your cooking session is complete so that you can relax and enjoy your meal rather than worrying about the mess. The reversible porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates give a wide range of options for creating different dishes depending on how thin or thick your sear needs to be. With a total BTU-per-hour input of 26,500 and 360 square inches of cooking space in the primary cooking area (450 square inches with a warming rack), this product is sure to enhance any grilling experience.

Best Under $500 W/Side Burner

Char-Broil Classic 360

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Why We Love It

Got the itch to grill? Look no further than the Char-Broil Classic 360. It’s designed for both cooking novices and grilling pros alike, featuring a three burners system and enough room to handle plenty of your culinary faves.

And you won't miss out on flavor with its porcelain-coated grates that help lock in that unmistakable smokiness. Plus, don’t forget about the 8,000 BTU side burner for keeping sides warm and toasting those buns just right!

This is top-notch grilling without having to drop a ton of cash - something any cook can appreciate. This Char-Broil performance grill brings it all together – perfect for family barbeques or a romantic night under the stars.

What's Under the Covers?

This amazing grill truly has all the features you need, starting with its 360 square inches of primary cooking space, capable of holding up to 15 burgers, and featuring porcelain-coated grates that measure 26-in wide x 14-in deep.

For additional space and flexibility, this grill also includes a swing-away warming rack with an extra 170 sq. in., measuring 24-in wide x 7-in deep.

To ensure long-term performance and better heat retention and control, three stainless steel burners have been included, while the porcelain-coated steel grill lid and firebox are designed to cope with tough weather conditions.

The convenience doesn't stop there: the Piezo electronic ignition system allows for fast start-ups in seconds with just the push of a button!

Mobility is enhanced with two 6-in wheels, along with 12-in W x 13.5-inch deep durable metal side shelves for ample prep space.

Best Portable Large Tabletop

Giantex Portable Gas Grill

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Why We Love It

Grilling is one of the best activities for family fun, outdoor parties, and camping trips — so why should you be limited by a hard-to-set-up grill? With a Giantex Portable Gas Grill, you can be ready to start grilling in no time!

This portable gas grill is perfect for all your outdoor grilling needs—from backyards and tailgating to picnics and camping. Plus, unlike other gas grills, it’s easy to set up and use. The large capacity will make sure you have enough food for everyone too! And since it hooks up to standard 20LB propane tanks, you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel. Plus it’s lightweight so you can easily take the fun anywhere.

Don't just take our word for it — this grill is so durable that one reviewer purchased it over three years ago, leaving it outside exposed to the weather in Southwest Washington State, yet they still use it weekly! Be sure to add a Giantex Portable Gas Grill to your next adventure and start relaxing with some delicious grilled food today!

What's Under the Covers?

The 430 stainless steel construction of this dual-burner outdoor stove offers superior durability and easy-to-clean surfaces for ease of use. Start-up is simpler than ever with two push-and-turn ignition burners, allowing you to begin cooking confidently within seconds. It's a powerful tool as well, boasting 20,000 total BTUs and adjustable heat on each burner so you can cook whatever dish comes to mind. Plus, the foldable legs and lockable lid make it incredibly portable and convenient to transport or store.

Best Light Duty on a Budget

MASTER COOK 3 Burner BBQ Propane Gas Grill

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Why We Love It

Unlock the power of true outdoor grilling with our MASTER COOK 3 Burner gas grill! Crafted from stainless steel and built with a lightweight design, this propane grill is perfect for taking your grilling skills to the next level. With its 3 burners providing a powerful 10000 BTU output per burner, you can effortlessly handle most of your light-grilling tasks with ease. We’ve also included a built-in thermometer to help you manage the grill temperature while cooking! Plus, the large cooking surface is extremely affordable given its low price point. Lastly, it has added two foldable table shelves along with 2 wheels for maximum convenience when storing or carrying. Let MASTER COOK 3 Burner gas grill make your outdoor grilling dreams into reality—friendly prices included!

What’s Under the Covers?

This propane gas grill is a must-have for your outdoor cooking needs, boasting 30,000 BTUs per hour and an integrated piezoelectric ignition system for a quick start with the push and turn of a control knob. The primary cooking surface measures 471.8 square inches, including 339 square inches for cooking and 132.8 square inches for warming - perfect for hosting friends and family! Plus, its porcelain-enamel wire cooking grates ensure even heat and easy cleanup. Assembled dimensions measure 46.46 L x 20.87 W x 41.14 H inches while folding to 29.5-inch length when both side tables are affixed; making it the ideal portable option for your picnic or camping excursion!

Best Ultra Portable

Weber Go-Anywhere Gas Grill

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Why We Love It

When it comes to convenience and portability, the Weber Go-Anywhere Gas Grill is hard to beat. Perfect for picnics, campouts, or trips to the beach, you can easily transport this portable grill wherever your heart desires. We love its push-button ignition, so starting up and cooking just got a whole lot easier! You’ll also appreciate the durable porcelain-enameled materials used in both the steel cooking grate and base and lid so that your grilled goodies stay delicious even after being transported around. And finally, when it’s time to pack up the plated steel legs pivot to lock the lid in place – essential for anyone who loves to grill on the go! To top it all off, reviews show that this is a dependable product – an impressive 20-year Weber user even replaced his old version with this one! So don't wait – get yourself a Weber Go-Anywhere Gas Grill today and enjoy delicious meals no matter where you roam!

What's Under the Covers

Make sure you are always ready to grill with the Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill, perfect for camping trips, tailgating, and backyard BBQs alike.

With its stainless steel construction and porcelain enamel coating, it's designed to last through many grilling editions. The low weight (13.5 lbs) and small size (12.2"D x 21" W x 14.5"H) make it an ultra-portable choice when you want to take your grilling on the go.

All you need is a 1LB propane canister and you're set for quality cooking that can take place anywhere!

Best Convertible Grill/Griddle

Captiva Designs 2-Burner Propane Gas Flat Top Griddle Grill

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Why We Love It

Are you ready to take your outdoor cooking game up a notch? Then Captiva Designs 2-Burner Propane Gas Flat Top Griddle Grill is for you! This two-burner griddle features a cast iron griddle plate, making it perfect for cooking up delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner creations. Plus, the flame tamers provide different heat zones with direct and indirect cooking areas, allowing you to make all kinds of favorite dishes.

Don’t forget the versatility - you can either choose the griddle or the grill with this machine – how cool is that? And clean up is simple too - no more worrying about multiple pots and pans. The removable grease pan makes it easy to keep your griddle clean.

And since convenience is key when it comes to outdoor cooking, Captiva Designs gas flat top griddle grill also comes with two side tables and a front shelf so you have plenty of space to place dishes or tools while you’re working with your meals.

What's Under the Covers?

Under the covers of this griller stands a formidable combination of cast iron and chrome-plated steel.

It features a 171 sq. inch cooking area, covered by a 3mm thick cast iron griddle plate for pancakes, eggs, and other delectable dishes. But there's more—a 191 square-inch grilling space with a gorgeous chrome-plated steel grate showcasing big steaks and juicy burgers that hot-off-the-grill flavor.

Add two powerful stainless steel burners with a 20,000 BTU output in total to the mix and you have an invention that is sure to up your barbecuing game.

Crafted from alloy steel, this item weighs 38.1 pounds while product dimensions are 20.3x51x36.4 inches—perfect for most backyards or entertaining areas alike!

Best Gas Grill FAQs

You want the best gas grills for your money, but you're not sure where to start.

It can be tough to know which propane grill is the best for your needs and budget. With all of the different options available, it's hard to know which one is right for you.

We've created this helpful guide to show you some of the best grills under $500. Whether you're looking for a small or large grill, we have something for everyone. And don't worry - even if you don't have a lot of money to spend, there are plenty of affordable options available. You may have more questions or just want to know what options are available. We have created this helpful FAQ to answer your concerns.

What is the best month to buy a gas grill?


The best month to buy a gas grill is likely to depend on several factors, such as your personal preferences and budget. If you are looking for the most affordable option, then September or October might be the best months to shop – many stores slash prices to attract back-to-school and holiday shoppers. However, if you're looking for more selection of the latest models, consider shopping in April or May when retailers often restock grills before heavy summer usage.

Many experts also advise against buying gas grills during peak months (in June and July) due to limited selections and high demand from barbecuers which leads retailers to increase prices dramatically. Another significant factor is the availability of fuel – propane tanks can run out quickly during peak summer months so it may be prudent to purchase now than wait until later in the year when propane may become scarce.

Of course, if you'd rather take advantage of end-of-season sales at store closeouts or online discount retailers like Amazon – late August could be a great time too! Ultimately though, purchasing a good gas grill should not just be about finding the lowest price but investing in quality craftsmanship that delivers years of reliable service while living up to your outdoor grilling experience!

What kind of grill lasts the longest?


When it comes to choosing a grill that will last for years, there are a few key factors to consider. First and foremost, you want to select a model made with quality materials. Look for strong frames and stainless steel grates designed to handle high heat and heavy use. Another factor is the cooking surface area; size matters when buying propane or natural gas grills because more space allows you to cook larger portions of food at once. It’s also important to look at the brand's warranty terms since they can provide peace of mind if something goes wrong down the line.

Finally, be sure your chosen model has features that work well for your lifestyle – such as low-smoke burners or electronic igniters – which can make grilling easier and safer in the long run. With these tips in mind, you should be able to find an outdoor cooking appliance that lasts for many BBQ seasons!

What is the lifespan of a gas grill?


Propane grills can last a long time if you regularly maintain it. The average lifespan of propane gas grills is 8-10 years when cared for properly, but this varies depending on the model and how frequently the grill is used.

Regular maintenance such as cleaning the grates after each use and covering your grill when it’s not in use will help extend its lifespan significantly. Furthermore, inspecting connections regularly to make sure they aren’t loose or damaged will go a long way toward maintaining your gas grill's condition over time. If any parts need to be replaced, doing so promptly will prevent further damage from occurring and ensure that your expense goes further without having to repair major issues down the line.

It's also important to purchase a gas grill from a reputable brand that offers warranties for their products in case anything does happen down the road. Investing more upfront often pays off in terms of longevity with today's higher quality grills lasting longer than previous models even with regular wear-and-tear over several years of regular use.

In conclusion, taking proper care of your gas grill can extend its life significantly with each year adding two more years on average compared to an improperly maintained one that may only last 4-5 years due to rust or corrosion caused by neglect or misuse of the appliance. With thoughtful upkeep and repairs as needed, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor cooking experience for many years!

How much should you spend on a gas grill?


When it comes to selecting a gas grill, the most important factor is finding one that will fit your needs. The cost of a gas grill can vary greatly depending on its size, features, and the material it's made of.

If you're looking for an entry-level gas grill to cover basic cooking needs such as burgers and hot dogs, you may be able to get one by spending $100-$250. Mid-range models range from $250-$500 and offer more features such as side burners or warming racks. Lastly, top-of-the-line models start at around $500+ but these are designed for serious grilling aficionados who want their gear ready to tackle any job they throw at it.

When choosing a gas grill make sure you look at the BTU rating (British Thermal Units), which measures how much heat the unit can produce over time. Higher-priced grills often have higher BTU ratings because they usually come with upgraded components like better burners or thicker metal construction which helps them retain heat better over longer periods. It’s also beneficial to add into your budget things like covers or extra accessories that will help keep your new barbecue safe while stored outdoors during bad weather – this can help prolong its lifespan significantly!

Generally speaking, if you're planning on using your new outdoor kitchen frequently then investing in high-quality equipment out of pocket can pay dividends in terms of value for money over time - if taken care of properly high end grills can last several years without needing repairs or replacement parts which makes them great long term investments!

How long does a 20lb propane tank last on a grill?


On average, a 20-pound propane tank can last up to 18-20 hours when it is used on a grill that has two burners. The amount of time the tank holds depends on how often you use your grill, what type of burner(s) it has, and the heat output or BTUs (British Thermal Units) of the burner. Generally speaking, for each gallon of propane gas, you will be able to cook for about 25 hours with an average-sized regular grilling surface. If you have a professional infrared grilling system and a larger grilling area (like a restaurant), then one gallon will only last about 12 hours on high heat.

If your grill is equipped with three or four burners, the same 20lb tank could last closer to 10-15 hours because more BTUs are being used for cooking than with a two-burner gas grill. Furthermore, if multiple items need to be cooked in succession at higher temperatures such as roasts or turkeys then these items will require additional fuel beyond what was calculated in this example due to their size and cooking requirements.

Regardless of how many burners your grill has or its size/shape, proper use and upkeep are essential to get maximum efficiency out of each gallon so that no space is wasted by excessive flare-ups while cooking food along with keeping track regularly how much fuel remains in the tank after each usage session so that refills won't be caught off guard during special occasions where extra grilling time may be needed!

What kind of grill should a beginner buy?


For those just getting into grilling, it’s important to find the right grill for your needs. When choosing a grill for beginners, there are a few key considerations that need to be made that will help you get the most out of your purchase.

The first factor is size. You want to make sure you get a grill big enough to cook however many servings you plan on making but not so big that it wastes valuable space in your backyard or patio. The number of people at home will also determine size – if only two people live in the house and only burgers are being cooked then something small would suffice, but if there are several family members or guests regularly over for meals then a larger model should be considered.

Another factor is fuel type – do you prefer propane gas-powered grills, electric grills (which have become increasingly popular), or charcoal models? Each option has its advantages and disadvantages; Propane gas-powered grills tend to be less expensive upfront but require more maintenance surrounding refilling fuel tanks and checking connections, Electric models are very easy to use with no fuel handling required with higher upfront prices compared to natural gas-powered counterparts which offer long term savings on fuel cost without sacrificing any convenience offered by other options as well as giving more even temperature control over their lifetime use. Charcoal-powered units provide great flavor but require a bit more effort and experience in firing them up correctly while costing less than both electric models and propane+natural gas combos initially

There’s also the matter of features – look at what kind of features each unit offers such as side burners/stoves, searing burners vs uniform heat distribution cooking surfaces, etc that meet your specific needs as well as how often they will be used during each occasion - some advanced features may not always suit every situation leading back towards simpler yet versatile solution again depending on user's requirements while remaining affordable upfront costs when included appropriately within budget constraints

How many BTUs should a good grill have?


When it comes to grilling, the amount of BTUs (British Thermal Unit) your grill needs is an important factor in determining its overall performance. While a certain number of BTUs isn't necessarily required for every type of cooking, experts recommend that an average propane gas grill should generate between 30-40 thousand BTUs per hour across the entire cooking surface.

This means that when selecting a good propane gas grill, you'll want to make sure it has enough power to heat evenly throughout the entire cooking area, not just in one spot or another. Additionally, more powerful units with higher BTU ratings are often better for larger grills as well as those that feature side burners and extra hotplates.

For the charcoal grills and wood-burning grills, on the other hand, experts suggest users stick with units that output at least 10,000 BTUs per hour over their main burners. This may be lower cooking power than those found on most propane models but they usually pack enough punch to help sear steaks properly as well as cook vegetables evenly without burning them too quickly.

It's also important to note that simply buying a powerful model doesn't guarantee perfect food results - proper temperature control is key when it comes to achieving great taste! Setting up multiple zones with different heat settings can help you find out which temperatures work best for different types of dishes and techniques like reverse searing or blackening fish fillets without overcooking them along the way!

Are high-end gas grills worth it?


Yes, high-end gas grills are worth it - especially if you’re a serious outdoor cooking enthusiast! Gas grills offer a great deal of control and accuracy when searing up meats and vegetables. Higher-end models also come with features that make outdoor cooking easier, such as temperature gauges, side burners for extra food preparation space, rotisserie capabilities, a sear burner, and built-in thermometers to help ensure food cooks safely during slow roasting, larger cooking areas that let you cook more items at once. Additionally, a higher-end natural gas grill tends to have better build quality than lower-end models – meaning they’re more likely to last a long time without needing repairs or replacements.

In terms of money savings over the longer term, investing in a high-end gas grill may be the wiser choice in many cases. If taken care of properly (such as by regularly cleaning it), even expensive models can last several years without needing repairs or replacement parts; saving you money over having to continually purchase low-cost grills which only last about one season or less before needing repair or replacement parts.

To sum up - yes high-end gas grills are worth it from both an ease-of-use and financial perspective! Their reliable construction and additional features such as temperature gauges and side burners make your BBQs so much easier on the wallet in the long run due to their longevity compared with cheaper alternatives.

Does covering a grill make it last longer?


Absolutely! Not only can a cover extend the life of your grill, but it can also protect it from the elements and keep your backyard looking nice.

When using a cover, be sure to get one that is made specifically for the type of grill you have. Different grills come in different sizes and shapes, so make sure you get one that fits snugly on top. A loose-fitting one won’t do any good. It’s also important to get an outdoor-rated material such as vinyl with UV protection for maximum longevity and waterproofing.

Once you have your grill covered securely, there are some basic steps you should take when prepping it for storage:

1) Clean off all excess grease from the cooking grates before covering your grill. Grease will attract pests like insects or rodents if left unchecked over time, so always make sure to clean off any messes right away after use.

2) Empty any removable components such as drip trays and cooking trays before covering them up too (unless they contain wood pellets or charcoal). Leaving these parts exposed while stored could cause rust or corrosion over long periods which would shorten the life span of your appliance significantly.

3) If storing during cold weather months, be sure to turn off the propane tank valve so no leaks occur over time due to frozen pipes/hoses in extreme climates—this is an extra precautionary measure but can go a long way when trying to prolong its lifespan too!

By following these tips and investing in a good quality cover specifically designed for grilling appliances, you can easily double or even triple its lifespan with proper care & maintenance practices!

Can a grill be left outside in the winter?


The short answer is: it depends. Leaving a grill outside in the winter can be done, but only with certain precautions and preparations.

Generally speaking, grills can be left outside in the winter provided that they are protected from the elements. This means choosing an area sheltered from snow and ice, such as a porch or garage— these offer some protection against moisture build-up. Additionally, if you have to leave your grill out in more exposed conditions (i.e., not sheltered), you should cover it with either a tarp or heavy-duty plastic sheeting to keep out any snow or rain that might accumulate on it during storms.

When storing your grill outside during cold weather months, make sure to check for any visible damage such as rust or corrosion on the exterior of the unit before using it again in warmer weather months; this could potentially weaken its performance and longevity over time if not dealt with properly right away. Additionally, you should drain all fuel tanks before leaving your grill outside for long periods at a time; this will prevent them from spoiling due to extreme temperature fluctuations which could lead to unsafe operation when firing up the unit again after storage.

For more safety tips when preparing your outdoor grilling station for colder temperatures ahead, we recommend reading through your user manual carefully as most brand-specific instructions may vary depending model type being used by customers – like a charcoal grill vs gas powered grills – so following manufacturer guidelines will always give best results!

How often should a gas grill be cleaned?


Cleaning your gas grill is an important part of regular maintenance. To ensure that your gas grill continues to work properly, it should be cleaned at least once every six months.

Cleaning involves removing debris such as grease and food particles from the cast iron grates, emptying the drip trays, wiping down surfaces with a wet paper towel or soft cloth, and inspecting any gas burners or valves for blockages. If you use your grill frequently - especially in high-temperature cooking scenarios - it's even more important to clean regularly as fat and oils can build up on the grates and affect their performance over time.

If you haven't cleaned your gas grill in a while (over 6 months), you'll want to take extra steps during cleaning by using a grill brush to remove any caked-on residue on the grates, cook box, or plates. You may also need to replace some parts like valves if they've become blocked due to buildup over time. It might also be worth checking if any small animals are living inside areas such as around knobs or tubes which may have accidentally nested in them! Finally, a thorough inspection of all parts is recommended before firing up for use after cleaning so that potential problems can be identified early on before causing damage.

When should I replace my grill grates?


Grill grates are an important part of your grilling experience, as they provide heat and direct contact with your food. Knowing when to replace your grill grates is essential for having a functional and safe cooking surface.

Generally speaking, you should replace your grill grates when you begin to see signs of wear and tear such as rusting, warping, or cracking. You may also start seeing holes in the metal where pieces have worn away. These problems can render the grate ineffective in providing proper heat distribution or create safety issues such as uneven cooking temperatures or hot spots that can cause the burning of food.

You should also examine the coating on grill grates regularly; if it has been scratched off leaving bare metal exposed, it should be immediately replaced. This could lead to rusting and improper heating causing cold spots which can result in undercooked food - a serious health risk!

Along with visible signs of damage and wear and tear, most experts recommend replacing grill grates after about 5 years for well-maintained models even if there hasn't been any obvious damage done yet. As BBQs age, so do their parts - eventually leading to decreased performance and efficiency from old chrome-plated steel or porcelain enameled cast iron bars as airflow becomes more restricted due to the built-up residue and fat clogs forming over time around them. Additionally, natural gas burner systems typically require more frequent cleaning than charcoal ones (as often as every 3 months depending on usage) so keep this in mind too!

Generally speaking, it is best practice to check your grill’s components at least once a year prior before firing things up again after winter hibernation season ends: inspect everything from tank connections down through drip tray panels then burners, flavor bars, lava rocks, ceramic briquette bricks until finally arriving at what's perhaps most important -- those trusty cooktop surfaces we call our "grill grates!"

Which is the best grill under $500 for you?

To summarize, when you are looking to purchase a great gas grill for under $500, you have a few great options available. Whether you desire an easy cooker that grills quickly or a higher-end model with outstanding features, all the grills in this guide offer a great place to start. It is important to remember, however, that these models not only come with a fantastic price tag but also reliable and respected brands as well. Therefore, if you plan to purchase a gas grill soon and you are working with a budget of 500 or less, now would be the ideal time to do it. Make sure to take advantage of one or more of these quality yet affordable models today and get grilling tomorrow! Don’t forget to tap the button and order yours from Amazon today for the best deal around.

A Word About Men's Health and Overspending

We at GoodsFellow get concerned when we see men overspending on grills and other luxury items, thinking that being able to afford them somehow adds to their worth. We have evolved from the ancestral environment where men were valued for hunting and protecting their families - now those values are replaced by expensive consumer goods. That's why it's so important for men to understand their health and their condition, as well as manage symptoms that may lead to hazardous behavior such as excessive spending, drug or alcohol abuse, and overeating. Taking action based on only understanding your health condition can help determine whether or not purchasing a product like a grill is truly necessary or if it's just because of an impulse buy.

If you recognize these signs of stress and are looking for resources, please check out this article: from the fine people over at Bonner General Health and access some of the resources in their article.

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