Are you looking to make your outdoor firepit a central part of your backyard get-together?

A firepit cover can make all the difference for your outdoor grilling experience, ensuring that your fire pit remains in great condition through rain, snow, sunlight – and whatever else Mother Nature throws its way. Protecting it from the elements will help extend its life so you can continue to enjoy campfires with friends for years on end. These durable covers are made of tough materials specifically designed to keep rust at bay while preventing any discoloration.

You’ll no longer have to worry about replacing or regularly maintaining your beloved appliance because when used correctly, a heavy-duty firepit cover will protect against any outside forces that could potentially damage it. So why not invest in safeguarding your investment before something goes wrong

Get yourself some peace of mind by getting a round firepit cover today – click now & enjoy!

How We Choose

It can be hard to find the right firepit cover. You want something that is durable and will last, but you also don't want to break the bank.

There are a lot of different firepit covers on the market, and it can be tough to figure out which one is right for you.

We have done the research for you. We have looked at all of the different options and we have chosen the best ones. Our covers are made of high-quality materials and they are built to last.

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Porch Shield Fire Pit Cover

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Why We Love It

For optimal performance—all at a friendly price point—you can't go wrong with Porch Shield's Fire Pit Cover.

The Porch Shield Fire Pit Cover is the perfect combination of heavy-duty protection and a sleek, stylish design. Constructed with premium 600D Polyester, this cover effectively withstands the toughest weather conditions—from extreme hot or cold temperatures to harsh wind and rain. In addition, waterproof undercoating ensures that your patio fire pit will stay dry no matter what Mother Nature throws at it.

Designed for strength and endurance, each seam has been reinforced with double stitching and sealed with tape to prevent tearing. Full coverage provides all-around protection from the sun, rain, dust, dirt, and more. For an extra touch of ventilation functionality, two air vents are equipped with heavy-duty ribbon weaving handles for effortless removal when needed. In addition to elastic hem cord straps that create a custom secure fit, buckles at the bottom hold everything in place for maximum safety in severe weather.

A Peek Under The Covers

This 32-inch diameter x 16-inch height cover is perfect for protecting your firepit from the elements. It comes with extra material to use as a patch kit and is available in 6 sizes and 2 colors – black or beige – so you can match your decor. An elastic hem cord and straps allow for a custom secure fit and buckles at the bottom keep the cover securely fastened. What's more, it offers a 3-year warranty, and it's an Amazon “Best Seller” with over 17,000 reviews, giving you peace of mind when making this purchase.

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FEIERYA Fire Pit Cover Round 22- 34 Inch

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Why We Love It

This heavy-duty cover is designed to keep your fire pit safe from wear and tear, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. Its top-notch 100% waterproof thick PVC silver coating provides unbeatable protection from rain, snow, and sun.

The strong 420D Oxford fiber ensures maximum durability and a reinforced fit - unlike other covers that have proven too thin or have lost their shape after prolonged use. Best of all, it has a maximum space-saving design that can be easily stored in a drawer or hung up on a hook for quick access when you most need it.

Customers rave about its outstanding quality compared to manufacturer covers included with their pits. Plus, every purchase comes complete with a handy storage bag so you can always keep your cover secure during transport or while not in use.

A Peek Under The Covers

The adjustable hem drawcord easily tightens to the size of your stove, making for a perfect custom fit. Handling the cover will be easier than ever with our durable, high-quality carrying handles. A side-opening buckle at the bottom of the stove cover allows for secure attachment and is designed not to detach easily.

The placement of the carry handle above the vent ensures that fitting and removing the cover is always fast and easy. The 420D Oxford fabric Polyester material keeps your stove protected from damage, dust, and dirt while remaining lightweight, even in sizes up to 32"D x 16"H.

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NettyPro Round Fire Pit Table Cover 44 inch

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Why We Love It

NettyPro's Nature Leisure Series fire pit cover comes with impressive features and a striking contemporary style that are sure to add an element of sophistication to your patio set-up. Made from rip-resistant fabric, this cover is also UV-protected and weather-resistant so it can stand up against the elements. And don’t worry about your fire pit blowing away in the wind—the convenient buckles at the bottom quickly tighten NettyPro’s Round Fire Pit Table Cover around the legs like a glove!

Plus, large air vents help reduce condensation and wind lofting that can cause rust spots on your furniture. When you are done using it, it's easy to store and clean - giving you more time to just relax and enjoy life outdoors! Get NettyPro’s Round Fire Pit Table Cover 44 inches today and give yourself peace of mind while enjoying outdoor relaxation with confidence!

A Peek Under The Covers

Our fire pit cover measures 44D x 24H inches, but to provide greater flexibility the actual product dimensions are 46D x 24H inches, and fit up to 26 inches in diameter. Along with this, you'll also receive a patch kit and 4 years warranty so that you can have peace of mind when you purchase it.

This fire pit cover is made of heavy-duty 600D polyester fabric with PVC coating which provides great protection from outdoor elements. The double stitching on the edges and connections make it extremely durable and 100% waterproof along with its extra weight of 3.61 pounds. The Leisure Series line also comes in matching covers for the rest of your fire pit/patio furniture as well.

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QH.HOME Round Fire Pit Cover - 36 Inch

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Why We Love It

If you're looking for the tough-as-nails protection your outdoor fire pit deserves, QH.HOME's Round Fire Pit Cover will get the job done. Durable 900D heavy-duty material construction stands up to bad weather and tears like a champ for reliable protection against dirt, dust, rain, snow, and more.

Customizable vents, handles, locking drawstrings, and buckles ensure easy accessibility while keeping the fire pit securely covered when not in use. Take the worry out of protecting your fire pit - with QH.HOME's Round Fire Pit Cover, your outdoor heating fixture will stay safe in any condition so you can enjoy it long into the future.

A Peek Under The Covers

Feel confident purchasing this fire pit cover— Q.H. Home offers a 4-year warranty and a 30-day no-hassle refund. The UPF 50+ premium sun protection fabric blocks 98% of harmful UV rays, keeping your cover in prime condition. It fits a 34-36"D x 20"H fire pit as well. It’s woven from high-strength Anti-UV primary color yarn, so it won’t fade easily even after years of exposure to the sun—proven by lab aging tests and long-term outdoor testings.

Moderate Price Metal Cover

Stanbroil 34" Stainless Steel Fire Pit Cover

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Why We Love It

Stanbroil 34" Stainless Steel Fire Pit Cover is the perfect fire pit accessory for the person looking to keep his fire pit in pristine condition, no matter the weather. Crafted with 304 stainless steel and featuring rounded corners and edges for a smooth feel, this sturdy fire pit cover is built to withstand even the harshest of temperatures and conditions without rusting or becoming damaged.

The handle attached to the lid enables you to move it around easily, while rapid heat dissipation helps you avoid any scalds when handling. This amazing product has earned Amazon "Choice" recognition, as well as received tons of positive reviews from customers like you who know that getting Stanbroil is a smart choice for your outdoor needs. Give your fire pit some protection with Stanbroil 34" cover.

A Peek Under the Cover

Keep your fire pit and fireplace safe from the elements with this weather-resistant, 34” Dia x 1” H cover specifically designed to fit 31" Inch Round Drop-in Fire Pit Pan and 30" Round Flat Fire Pit Pan and similar sizes.

This cover provides a secure seal, so you don't have to worry about leaves, water, or critters getting into your fire pit. Easy cleaning ensures maintenance is a breeze, while the 15.87-pound item weight ensures it stays put in all kinds of weather - helping you relax knowing both your fire pit and those around it are safe whatever mother nature throws at them.

Heavy-Duty Metal Cover

Higley Welding 39" Round Steel Fire Pit Cover

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Why We Love It

If you need a great way to protect your fire pit from the elements, look no further than Higley Welding's 39" Round Steel Fire Pit Cover. This heavy-duty decorative cover is powder coated with heat-resistant paint in bronze hammer finish or silver finish, giving it a modern and masculine look that will go perfectly with any outdoor entertainment space.

The design also features a solid dome top and a 6" tall conical sloped shape to effectively snuff out fires, keep snow, leaves, and other yard debris from accumulating, and most importantly keep kids from falling into the pit. You can trust that this tough cover will do its job well as customers who have already purchased it just love the feel and look it brings.

A Peek Under The Covers

Our fire pit ring cover is one of the most dependable covers money can buy. Crafted using only 16 ga mild steel, it's designed to keep your pit protected in both the rain and extreme temperatures, so you don't have to worry about it warping or rusting. With two lift-off handles, it's easy to access too. As a bonus, they even include edge trim on the product to protect it during shipping. And once delivered, you can either keep that trim all around the product or remove it – whatever suits your needs best. Its dimensions of 39 x 39 x 6 inches and weight of 15 pounds make this the perfect protection for any wood or gas fire pit.

Firepit Cover Round FAQs

You've decided that you want to buy a firepit cover, but you're not sure which one is the best choice for you.

With so many different models and sizes available, it can be hard to decide which firepit cover is the best choice for your needs.

We've written a comprehensive guide that will help you choose the perfect model for your backyard. Our FAQs section also provides answers to common questions about round fire pit covers.

Should a fire pit have a cover?

Yes, it is highly recommended to use a fire pit cover when not in use. This will help protect the fire pit from the elements and ensure that it will remain in good condition for many years to come. Additionally, using a cover can help prevent any foreign objects from getting into the fire pit and potentially causing damage or clogging the fuel lines.

What can I use to cover my fire pit?

There are several materials suitable for covering a fire pit, such as canvas, vinyl, or mesh. Canvas is great for long-term protection from the elements but can be heavy and challenging to manage. Vinyl covers provide lightweight protection from the elements and are easy to handle. Mesh covers provide some insulation from the heat generated by the fire pit, as well as allow smoke to escape while still providing decent coverage.

How much bigger should the fire pit cover be?

It is recommended that fire pit covers should be at least 4 inches larger than the diameter of your fire pit in order to ensure adequate coverage. Additionally, for maximized protection, the cover should extend about an inch or two above the rim of the fire pit. This helps provide extra coverage and prevents any wind from blowing away the cover.

PRO TIP: A properly sized fire pit cover will not reach the floor, as there needs to be ground clearance for proper airflow.

Should I cover my fire pit in the winter?

It is generally a good idea to cover your fire pit during the winter months. Cold temperatures can cause excess wear and tear on unprotected metal surfaces, as well as create rust and corrosion. A quality cover will help protect the fire pit from the elements and reduce maintenance needs in the future. Additionally, a cover can also prevent any water or snow from entering the fire pit and becoming a safety hazard.

How do you winterize a fire pit?

Winterizing your fire pit is an important step towards protecting it from the elements during colder months. Start by cleaning any dirt or debris from the fire pit, then cover it with a heavy-duty cover or tarp. Make sure that the edges of the cover are securely fastened to keep out rain and snow. Additionally, you should avoid using combustible materials inside the fire pit as these can become a safety hazard if exposed to moisture.

What is the metal cover for on a fire pit?

The metal cover that comes with many fire pits serves a few purposes. Firstly, the cover helps to contain sparks and embers, helping to ensure safety for anyone nearby. Secondly, the cover also helps protect the fire pit from weathering and damage due to rain, sun, and wind.

What is a fire pit snuffer?

A fire pit snuffer is a tool designed to quickly and safely extinguish burning logs in a fire pit. The snuffer is usually made of metal and has long handles for reaching deep into the fire pit. It has several holes that allow the user to grab onto an ember or smolder with ease, then press down firmly to put the flame out. It is a great safety accessory for any outdoor fire pit and can be used multiple times over its lifespan.

Which Round Cover Will Protect Your Pit?

Having the right cover for your fire pit is essential to preserving its appearance and enhancing its lifespan. Quality materials, such as heavy-duty vinyl, will keep your fire feature safe from ultraviolet rays, moisture, and pests. Not only can a protective cover protect your investment from the elements, but it can also add an extra layer of style and sophistication to your yard. Don't wait for Mother Nature to damage your pit - make it easy by investing in a quality round fire pit cover now and start shielding it from the environment immediately. Ready for your own protective covering? Tap the button and have Amazon deliver yours directly to your door!

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