Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the convenience and sophistication of the Bartesian cocktail makers, including the Bartesian Duet, Professional, and Premium models.
  • Learn how to craft a wide array of cocktails, from an Uptown Rocks cocktail with gin to an espresso martini, with the ease of inserted cocktail capsules.
  • Understand the benefits of having a Bartesian at home, from free shipping to hardware warranty care, and how it elevates your entertaining experience.

Introducing the Bartesian Cocktail Maker

The Bartesian cocktail maker is a revolutionary device that brings the craft of premium cocktails into the comfort of your home. Whether you're a cocktail aficionado or a novice looking to impress your guests, the Bartesian offers a convenient and stylish solution. With models like the Bartesian Premium Cocktail Maker, the Bartesian Professional Cocktail Maker, and the Bartesian Duet Cocktail Maker, there's a perfect fit for every home bar.

The Bartesian simplifies the art of mixology by using cocktail capsules, which contain all the premium ingredients needed for a variety of drinks. From a zesty lemon drop to a smooth whiskey sour, the Bartesian has you covered. Just insert a capsule, select your strength, and press mix. In moments, you'll be enjoying a bar-quality cocktail. Read along of our review of their current models, popular cocktail flavor capsules and helpful accessories.

The Bartesian Premium Cocktail Maker: Home Mixology Simplified

Your Bartender At Home

Bartesian Premium Cocktail Maker

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The Bartesian Premium Cocktail Maker revolutionizes home bartending by offering a sophisticated drink system that combines convenience with the art of mixology. With just the press of a button, you can enjoy bar-quality cocktails without the need for extensive ingredients, specialized knowledge, or the usual mess associated with traditional cocktail preparation.

All Bartesian cocktail pods are meticulously pre-filled with the precise ingredients required to concoct a high-quality cocktail. When paired with your chosen spirit and inserted capsule, the Bartesian Premium Cocktail Maker takes care of the rest, delivering mixologist-approved drinks such as margaritas, whiskey sours, and old fashioneds.

Sleek Design Meets Professional Quality

Boasting a sleek and modern design, the Bartesian Premium Cocktail Maker integrates effortlessly into any home bar or kitchen setting. It's the ideal addition for those who relish the art of entertaining and appreciate a diverse array of cocktails in the comfort of their own home.

Intuitive Operation for the Perfect Mix

Creating your favorite cocktail is as simple as inserting a Bartesian capsule, selecting your desired strength, and pressing the mix button. The capsule variety is immediately identified, blends the perfect measure of alcohol with the premium contents, and serves a cocktail that rivals those crafted by seasoned mixologists.

A World of Cocktails Without the Clutter

The Bartesian offers the full experience of a well-stocked bar without the hassle and expense of maintaining a variety of mixers, juices, and other ingredients. All that's required is to keep your preferred whiskey, vodka, rum, gin, or tequila on hand.

Maintenance Made Easy

An automatic cleaning cycle after each use, a manual cleaning option, and dishwasher-safe components ensure the cocktail maker remains in pristine condition, guaranteeing that every drink is as fresh and flavorful as the last.

Sustainable and Fresh Ingredients

The recyclable capsules are filled with real juice concentrates, bitters, and extracts, all clearly dated to ensure freshness. These capsules have been crafted by master mixologists to include the essentials for beloved classics and contemporary favorites alike. Please note that cocktail capsules and alcohol are sold separately.

Bartesian Professional Cocktail Maker

You Need Professional Help

Bartesian Professional Cocktail Maker

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For the cocktail aficionado, the Bartesian Professional Cocktail Maker stands as the quintessential appliance. Crafted for those with a discerning palate, this model boasts a sturdier build and sophisticated features that promise a professional-grade mixology experience. It's the ultimate tool for anyone eager to enhance their cocktail crafting prowess and dazzle guests with their mixology finesse.

Businesses seeking to augment their revenue, streamline operations, and enrich the customer experience will find the Bartesian Professional an invaluable asset. Whether it's a hotel, restaurant, stadium, convention center, casino, or cruise ship, this machine is capable of delivering high-quality cocktails that are sure to delight patrons.

Simple Cocktail Creation: Insert a capsule, position a glass on the bar mat, and select your desired strength, from a non-alcoholic mocktail to a potent concoction. The machine seamlessly blends the spirit from the bottle, delivering a flawlessly mixed cocktail in mere seconds.

Easy, Intuitive Menu Selection: The user-friendly rotary dial ensures effortless navigation. Upon capsule insertion, the cocktail is identified by its barcode, and the LCD display recommends the appropriate glassware while offering strength customization.

Elegant, Modern Design with Illumination: The Bartesian Professional Cocktail Machine not only impresses with its sleek touchpoints and easy capsule latch but also features an LED light that elegantly showcases each cocktail in the making, turning every drink into a spectacle.

Bottle Lock for Enhanced Security: A robust die-cast metal handle, complete with a key, firmly secures the spirit bottles, mitigating the risk of breakage and unauthorized alcohol access.

Less Time Cleaning, More Time Enjoying: Thanks to the automatic rinse feature, maintenance is minimal, ensuring no crossover of flavors between cocktails. Capsules are ejected with a spring mechanism for swift disposal, and the glass bottles are conveniently dishwasher safe.

Certified Excellence: The Bartesian Professional Cocktail Maker is ETL and NSF Certified, meeting rigorous national standards as verified by NSF and Intertek, ensuring compliance with established safety and performance benchmarks.

The Bartesian Duet Cocktail Maker: Your Home Mixology Solution

Small Footprint, Big Step Forward

Bartesian Duet Cocktail Maker

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Effortless Setup and Operation
Experience the convenience of the Bartesian Duet, often hailed as the "Keurig" for cocktails. Setting up is a breeze: fill the rear water tank, decant your chosen spirits into the elegant glass jars, and insert a cocktail capsule at the top. Select your two preferred spirits, and you're ready to go. The machine's smart technology recognizes the cocktail through the capsule's barcode, and the user-friendly LCD display recommends the appropriate glassware for your drink.

Intelligent Cocktail Creation
Crafting your perfect cocktail is as simple as inserting a capsule and placing a glass on the bar top. Choose your desired strength, from a non-alcoholic mocktail to a robust drink, using the intuitive rotary dial. The Bartesian Duet takes care of the rest, automatically drawing from the correct spirit bottle to mix a flawless cocktail in mere seconds.

Flavorful, Inspired Cocktail Options
The Bartesian offers a selection of mixologist-designed cocktail capsules, each filled with a premium blend of real juice concentrates, bitters, and extracts, ensuring a fresh and flavorful experience. These capsules are not only dated for freshness but are also 100% recyclable and available for purchase separately.

Variety Without Complexity
Enjoy the advantages of a fully stocked bar without the complexity. The Bartesian cocktail machine delivers professional-quality drinks with a diverse library of cocktail capsules to choose from, catering to all tastes and preferences.

Easy, Intuitive Menu Selection
Navigating your cocktail options is straightforward with the intuitive rotary dial. Upon inserting a capsule, the machine instantly identifies the cocktail, displays the recommended glassware, and allows you to select the strength of your drink with ease.

Compact, Elegant Design
The Bartesian Duet is not just about functionality; it's also designed to complement your home with its compact and elegant aesthetic. The sleek touchpoints, simple capsule latch, and ambient LED lighting elevate the experience, making every drink preparation an event to look forward to.

Exploring the Bartesian Cocktails Collection

The Bartesian cocktail maker has made it super easy to enjoy our favorite drinks at home. It comes with a variety of cocktail capsules, each packed with delicious flavors. You can make a perfect drink with just the push of a button, from a tangy tequila sunrise to a smooth rum old fashioned.

The capsule collection keeps growing, so there's always something new to taste. Each capsule has a label with pictures and descriptions, telling you what it tastes like and the best garnish to use. It's like having a bartender's expertise right at home. Whether you're throwing a big party or just relaxing by yourself, Bartesian lets you explore the world of cocktails without stepping outside. Plus, they keep adding new flavors to keep things exciting.

Cocktails From Vodka Lovers Combo Capsule Pack

Vodka Lovers Variety Pack - Hey vodka fans! Simplify your cocktail experience with the variety packs:

32-Pack: Get 8 of each cocktail, perfect for stocking up or sharing while the 8-Pack includes 2 of each: 

Espresso Martini: Creamy espresso and bold coffee liqueur blend.

Lemon Drop: Sweet, tangy lemon candy flavor.

Sex On The Beach: Tropical mix of peach, pineapple, banana, cranberry, and lemon.

Cosmopolitan: The classic mix of cranberry, orange, and lime.

Old Fashioned Cocktail Capsules - Enjoy the timeless taste of an Old Fashioned with our easy-to-use cocktail capsules. They capture the smooth blend of sweet and bitter flavors, reminiscent of oak and orange, similar to what you'd find in a fancy bar. Just add whiskey or bourbon!

Old Fashioned Capsules Pack

Bartesian Dirty Martini Capsules - Enjoy a twist on the classic vodka martini with these capsules. They mix vodka, dry vermouth, and a dash of olive juice. Just shake with ice, pour into a martini glass, and add an olive garnish. Main ingredient: Vodka.

Bartesian Whiskey Sour Capsules - Enjoy a classic Whiskey Sour with the perfect mix of sweetness and tartness. Flavors of vanilla, lemon, and orange create a delicious whiskey cocktail. Just add whiskey and serve with Bartesian's clear ice for the best experience.

Bartesian Whiskey Sour Capsule Pack

Bartesian Aviation Capsules - The Aviation cocktail is an iconic, violet-hued classic that blends the hint of floral notes from Crème de Violette with the sweet complexity of Maraschino Liqueur, finished with a refreshing squeeze of lemon. This creates a harmonious mix of floral, sweet, and tart citrus flavors. Base spirit: Gin.

Bartesian Classic Margarita Capsules - Indulge in the timeless taste of a classic Margarita, masterfully crafted from a harmonious blend of tequila, lemon, and lime. This quintessential cocktail delivers a delightful balance of sweet and sour, capturing the essence of citrus refreshment. For an impeccable finish, a salted rim is the perfect accompaniment to enhance the pop of fruit flavors. Enjoy this iconic beverage in our elegant Stemless Margarita glassware for the ultimate experience. Base spirit: Tequila.

Bartesian Classic Margarita Capsule Pack

Bartesian Uptown Rocks Capsules - Indulge in the sophisticated blend of our Uptown Rocks gin cocktail, a delightful concoction that marries the sweet and floral notes of peach and white grape with the zesty tang of lemon juice. This elegant drink is elevated by a subtle hint of cilantro, adding a refreshing kick that complements the botanicals in your chosen herbal gin. Perfect for those seeking to elevate their gin experience, this cocktail promises a smooth and refreshing finish. Base Spirit: Gin

Bartesian Uptown Rocks Capsule Pack

Bartesian Rum Breeze Capsules - Indulge in the essence of the tropics with the Rum Breeze capsule. This delightful concoction offers a luscious mix of pineapple, lime, and strawberry juices, complemented by the warmth of rum and a subtle whisper of coconut. Perfect for those who enjoy a sweet, island-inspired beverage. Base spirit: Rum.

Bartesian Hurricane Capsules - Experience the vibrant spirit of Mardi Gras with the Hurricane capsule. This cocktail captures the essence of celebration with its sweet and fruity profile, blending the tartness of passion fruit with the natural sweetness of orange juice. A splash of citrus lime adds a refreshing balance, making this New Orleans classic a festive choice. Base spirit: Rum.

Bartesian Cocktail Maker Accessories

Highball Glassware: Upgrade your cocktail hour with their 13oz. Highball Glasses, designed to fit your Bartesian perfectly. These double-walled glasses keep your drinks chilled, prevent condensation, and ensure a top-notch cocktail experience. They're also dishwasher safe—just remember to place them on the top rack since they're made of delicate blown glass. For best results, pour your drink before adding ice. Plus, they come in a stylish gift box, ready to impress. Other cocktail specific glassware available as well.

Capsule Storage Drawer: Elevate your mixology space with the Bartesian Capsule Storage Drawer—a stylish and functional accessory for your bar or kitchen counter. Crafted with durable tempered glass, this elegant drawer can accommodate up to 36 cocktail capsules, ensuring your favorite blends are always within reach. Each unit is meticulously packaged to ensure safe transit, so please exercise caution when removing the wrapping, particularly around the delicate foot pads.

Premium Cocktail Menu: 2024 Edition: Elevate your bar experience with the Premium 2024 Cocktail Menu Book. This comprehensive guide features detailed descriptions of the full range of Bartesian cocktails, including our exciting new concoctions. Delve into expert tasting notes, and discover our recommendations for the perfect glassware and garnishes to complement each drink. Plus, we offer thoughtful pairing suggestions to enhance your cocktail enjoyment.

Capsule Storage Stand: Elevate your cocktail experience with this sleek new Capsule Storage Stand, meticulously crafted to accommodate up to 40 Bartesian capsules. This stand is not only a stylish addition to your space but also a practical solution to keep your preferred cocktail capsules accessible and organized. Its compact design ensures efficient use of space, while the clear display allows you to monitor your stock at a glance, so you'll always know when it's time to replenish your collection. Please note: Capsules are sold separately.

Bartesian Professional and Premium Machine Travel Bag

Bartesian Travel Bag: Perfect for tailgating, parties, or vacations, this travel bag is essential for carrying your Bartesian cocktail maker. It's also great for storing the machine when you're not using it. The bag's padding and specially designed pockets keep your cocktail maker safe on the move. It comes with holders for ice and capsules to keep your drink ingredients organized. Note that the cocktail capsules and machine are sold separately.

Dimensions: 16"W x 14.5"D x 19"H
Care: Wipe interior with a damp cloth when necessary.
Custom Fit: Tailored for Bartesian and Professional models with reinforced seams and added padding for travel protection.
Storage: 5 pockets for worry free spirit bottle transport.
Cooling Feature: Leak-proof ice compartment and space for up to 20 capsules.
Comfort: Padded backpack and shoulder straps for convenient carrying.

Elevating Your Home Bar Experience

The Bartesian Cocktail Maker isn't just about convenience; it's about elevating your home bar to a level that rivals your favorite lounge. Imagine the scene: soft lighting, smooth jazz in the background, and the clink of ice cubes as you prepare to indulge in a perfectly mixed drink. The Bartesian takes the guesswork out of proportions and mixology, allowing you to focus on the ambiance and company. It's a game-changer for those who love to host and want to impress their guests with a sophisticated touch.

Moreover, the Bartesian adds a note of elegance to any gathering. Whether it's a romantic evening in or a lively party with friends, the ability to craft premium cocktails at the touch of a button is a luxury that won't go unnoticed. The sleek design of the machine itself is a conversation starter, and the quality of the drinks it produces is sure to be a highlight of the night. With the Bartesian, you're not just making cocktails; you're creating memories.

The Art of Personalization with the Bartesian

The Bartesian Cocktail Maker is great because it lets you make drinks just how you like them. You can choose how strong you want your drink, so it's perfect for you every time. It's like having your own bartender who makes every drink to your taste.

The Bartesian makes it easy to get creative with your drinks. If you like to mix things up or try something new, you can customize your cocktails however you want. Add a little extra of your favorite ingredient or a special garnish. It's like painting with flavors. Plus, when you're looking to set a romantic mood, a fancy drink from the Bartesian can be just the thing to add some charm to your evening.

The Bartesian: A Lifestyle Enhancement

The Bartesian Cocktail Maker is great for making drinks just the way you like them. You can easily change how strong each drink is, so it's just right for you. It's like having your own bartender who makes every drink to your taste. Adding a Bartesian to your home isn't just about the drinks; it makes your life more stylish and your parties better. You can make fancy cocktails while still chatting with your friends because the machine does all the mixing for you. You just add the finishing touches.

The Bartesian is also perfect for people who are new to making cocktails. It's easy to use and comes with clear instructions. Whether you're trying something new or making a classic, the Bartesian helps you make great drinks every time. Plus, you can keep track of the drinks you've made and share your favorites with friends. The Bartesian isn't just about making drinks; it's about creating fun moments, one cocktail at a time.

The Convenience of Free Shipping

One of the many perks of purchasing a Bartesian is the benefit of free shipping for orders over $50.00 USD. When you order your Bartesian online, you can rest assured that it will be delivered to your doorstep without any additional cost. This convenience allows you to start enjoying your premium cocktails as soon as possible, and also makes the Bartesian an excellent gift for friends and family. If using Amazon, a Prime subscription will reduce your shipping costs via your membership.

The Assurance of Hardware Warranty Care

Investing in a Bartesian comes with the peace of mind of hardware warranty care. This means that your machine is protected against any manufacturing defects or issues that may arise. The Bartesian team is committed to ensuring that your cocktail-making experience is seamless and enjoyable, and their warranty care is a testament to that commitment.

With hardware warranty care, you can enjoy your Bartesian with confidence, knowing that any potential problems will be promptly addressed. This level of customer service is part of what makes the Bartesian a smart choice for those looking to add a touch of luxury to their home bar.

Bartesian Double-walled cocktail glasses


The Bartesian cocktail maker is a game-changer for home bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts alike. With models like the Bartesian Premium, Professional, and Duet, there's a perfect fit for every setting. The convenience of cocktail capsules, free shipping, and hardware warranty care make the Bartesian an attractive addition to any home. Whether you're crafting a gin drink, an espresso martini, or any other premium drink, the Bartesian ensures a bar-quality experience with the push of a button.

FAQ Section

Q: Can the Bartesian make non-alcoholic drinks?

A: Yes, the Bartesian can make non-alcoholic versions of cocktails by selecting the "mocktail" option, allowing you to enjoy the same great flavors without the alcohol. You can also load up the Bartesian with your favorite alcohol-free spirits.

Q: How often do I need to clean my Bartesian cocktail maker?

A: It's recommended to clean your Bartesian after each use to ensure the best tasting cocktails. The machine has an automatic cleaning cycle that makes it easy to maintain.

Q: Where can I purchase Bartesian cocktail capsules?

A: Bartesian cocktail capsules can be purchased directly from the Bartesian website or from various online retailers. They offer a wide range of flavors to suit any taste preference.

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