Are you a grill enthusiast looking for the best way to keep your outdoor cooking equipment protected?

These quality grill covers are perfect for anyone who wants to protect their investment from the elements. Not only do they prevent rust and corrosion, but they also add a nice aesthetic touch to your outdoor cooking area.

The following choices of grill covers will provide superior protection for any type of grill no matter what climate it's in. Plus, most of these covers come with added features like built-in handles, adjustable velcro straps, and air vents which make them easier to use.

Don't worry about constantly having to replace or repair your beloved grill - get one of these heavy-duty all-weather covers and it'll be good as new every time you go out back.

Check out our selections now – we're sure you'll find something that suits your needs!

How We Choose

You just bought a new grill, and you want to keep it in good condition.

A barbecue gas grill cover is a must-have for any grill owner. They protect your investment from the elements and keep it in good condition.

Our selection of the best grill covers includes options for all types of grills, from small smokers to large gas grills. We have gas grill covers made from a variety of materials, including waterproof grill cover material, vinyl, and mesh. And we have heavy-duty grill covers at a range of prices to fit any budget.

Best Non-Original Manufacturer

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Why We Love It

Introducing Grillman, the ultimate Premium BBQ Grill Cover that's the perfect fit for any charcoal or gas grill.

The Grillman Grill Cover is designed to accommodate Weber Spirit, Spirit II; Nexgrill 3,4 & 5 Burners with Side Burner; Char-Broil Performance Series 4-Burner and Signature Series 3-Burner; and Dyna-Glo Premier 2-Burner grills.

Its secure fit ensures your cover won't fly away in strong winds, while its waterproof design makes it easy to clean. These universal covers come in a variety of popular sizes and colors so you're sure to find one that fits your taste and needs.

But that's not all - Grillman has great reviews from customers who boast about both customer service and product reliability. If repairs are ever necessary there is a product replacement policy designed to meet the needs of all grill masters.

So if you're looking for a reliable and stylish way to keep your BBQ clean and ready for use, look no further than Grillman Premium BBQ Grill Covers.

Let's Peek Under The Covers

Grillman knows that grill covers should be straightforward and dependable. Our large, universal grill cover is made from weatherproof materials to protect your Weber, Char-Broil, or Brinkmann whatever the type and size of your outdoor cooker.

Furthermore, we've added fabric hook straps with little loops for extra security in harsh climates so you can rest assured that all your grilling equipment will remain safe at all times!

The Grillman is an exceptional choice for gas and charcoal grill owners who value their money, as it's been designed with a height of 58" x width of 24" x depth 48", plus side Velcro straps that guarantee an exact fit.

It provides more bang for your buck by protecting grills from dust and dew without paying expensive prices.

Best Bargain Grill Cover

VIBOOS BBQ Grill Cover

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Why We Love It

Whether you're a pro-griller or just starting out, you need the ultimate protection for your pride and joy. That's why VIBOOS offers this reliable grill cover to keep your BBQ safe from all types of poor weather conditions.

Crafted from super heavy-duty oxford cloth material, it has a waterproof design so it won't get soaked in the rain, and is anti-UV rays so you don't have to worry about sun damage either. And if you can handle an extra bit of protection, the Velcro straps and adjustable bottom hem ropes guarantee a snug fit and lock in that warmth during cold winter nights.

Plus, it's conveniently foldable into its own carry bag to store while your grill is engaged. So if you want maximum defense with minimal effort, ViBoos has got your back. Get yours today, and grill any time without fear of ruin.

Let's Peek Under The Covers

If you're looking for unbeatable value, look no further than this top-selling 58-inch × 24-inch × 46-inch grill cover. This model is designed to fit most 50-58 inch grills with 2 to 5 burners and is compatible with Weber Spirit grills as well as other popular brands like Char-broil grills, Monument, Brinkmann, Broil King, Dyna-Glo, Nexgrill, Royal Gourmet, MASTER COOK, Megamaster, and more.

Confidently purchase your product with our money-back guarantee for 30 days and 12 months of warranty coverage. But that's not all - they provide 24/7 technical support to ensure you get the help you need whenever it arises! This is quality coverage at an unbeatable price.

Best Premium Fabric

Covermates Grill Cover 53W x 24D x 44H

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Why We Love It

Meet the Covermates Grill Elite Cover: a lightweight but sturdy cover that provides unparalleled protection from rain, wind, and snow. It’s also resistant to intense sunlight and low-to-moderate humidity levels so you can be sure your precious grill remains safe in any condition.

This cover is artfully crafted with only the finest materials, ensuring that your grill stays protected and looks great. Plus, their wide array of sizes and colors means you can find a style to perfectly match your outdoor space.

The Elite Cover is incredibly lightweight and straightforward to manage, making it easy for you to protect your grill not just seasonally but even daily if necessary. Get serious about taking care of your investment with the Covermates Grill Elite Cover—unparalleled protection.

Let's Peek Under The Covers

You'll never have to worry about your things getting wet or damaged again with this high-quality item. Covermates 300D stock-dyed polyester is lightweight yet durable, helping to keep your stored items secure and moisture-free.

An elastic hem and adjustable drawcord combo allow for an adjustable fit, while its breathable mesh vent ensures maximum ventilation. Additionally, each unit is equipped with a buckle strap for extra security and all seams are double-stitched for optimum protection.

With dimensions of 53W x 24D x 44H, you can keep your grill neatly tucked away in reliably dry conditions and enjoy peace of mind with their 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Best with Free Accessories

Kingkong 7130 Grill Cover w Tool Set

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Why We Love It

The Kingkong 7130 Grill Cover with Tool Set is designed to protect your grill from any conditions and keep it running strong, making every backyard barbecue a royal event.

Constructed from superior 600D Oxford Polyester fabric, this heavy-duty cover is both breathable and rip-resistant to ensure your grill stays dry.

To further protect against sun damage and fading, a layer of UV coating has been applied to the outer surface for added longevity. Your outdoor kitchen will look like new no matter how many long summer days you spend grilling.

The strong Velcro straps on either side guarantee a tight fit regardless of your outdoor setup and can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

Customers have spoken highly of its water resistance quality and durable seam construction - this set is truly one that you won't regret investing in.

Let's Peek Under The Covers

If you are looking for a reliable, easy-to-maintain grill cover that will stand the test of time, look no further than Kingkong's 58L x 25W x 44.5H inch cover.

This cover is built to last with durable sewing that makes it rip-resistant and provides an additional layer of protection when grilling. Not only is it designed to be long-lasting and dependable but because it is so easy to clean - all you need to do is hose it down with water and then let dry in the sun - maintenance is a breeze.

And as if that wasn't enough, Kingkong also offers a 3-year warranty and 60 days money-back guarantee on their covers as well as Stainless Steel Grill Brush, Tongs, and Cooking Thermometer included!

Best Value Large Cover

Simple Houseware 72-inch Grill Cover

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Why We Love It

Introducing the Simple Houseware 72-inch Grill Cover. If you're a grillmaster with a five-burner grill or larger, you need this cover. It’s the top of the line for protecting your prized grill from whatever Mother Nature wants to throw at it!

With waterproof coverage that withstands rain, snow, sleet, wild Northeast winds, and cold temps, your outdoor kitchen can continue to be enjoyed year-round.

The simple price point makes it a great deal since sturdy covers often come at an expensive price. Plus, easily removable handles make it easy to take the cover off when it’s time to fire up the grill and show off those grilling skills!

With durability that has already proven its worth (even after 4 years on my grill!), the Simple Houseware 72-inch Grill Cover is sure to be your new must-have accessory for your backyard barbecues.

Let's Peek Under The Covers

Our measurement of 72” L x26” W x51” H is designed to fit the most famous brands of grills. Nothing will stand in the way of you and your grill with our heavy-duty 600D polyester fabric.

Not to mention, the two-inch wide fastener straps on two sides give you extra assurance that dust, UV, weather, and wind won't make it in.

Finally, these covers are resistant to both rips and tears for usage throughout any season. Get ready for maximum outdoor grill protection!

Best Circular Grill or Smoker Cover

Unicook Smoker Cover 30 Inch

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Why We Love It

Stay ahead of the game and be prepared for any weather conditions with a Unicook Smoker Cover. Whether it's excessive sun, pouring rain, snow, or hail, your 30-inch smoker will be shielded from all kinds of punishment thanks to this rugged and reliable cover.

With over 20 years of design and manufacturing experience providing superior quality covers, you can count on a Unicook grill cover. It works great with most brands of smokers up to 28 inches in diameter such as Char-Griller, Akorn, Kamado, Weber Smokey Mountain, Pit Barrel Cooker, Big Green Egg, and Recteq Matador—to name a few.

Practical and easy to install with an adjustable drawstring closure for a secure fit without blowing away on windy days. The heavy-duty cover is made of high-density material that's fade resistant and waterproofed against the elements so colors stay rich longer.

This is the ultimate pick when taking your BBQ protection game up to the next level.

Let's Peek Under The Cover

With a convenient drawstring closure and durable handles, the Unicook smoker/round grill cover goes to work protecting your pit barrel in maximum style. Easy to fit and quick to remove, this cover is an ideal companion for a 30" diameter and 36" height grill.

When it's time for cleaning, simply hose it off with water, air dry it in the sun, and you're done! To get the most out of your very own pit barrel cover, make sure it's slightly larger than the size of your actual grill.

Also—be sure that it's only used on a completely cooled grill for best results.

Best Flat Top Grill Cover

Unicook Griddle Cover

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Why We Love It

The Unicook Heavy Duty Griddle Cover: your tough and reliable, no-nonsense solution for keeping your griddle clean and dry. This waterproof cover is designed to stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

It's treated with a special sealing tape process so that even if faced with heavy rain, you won't have to worry about water leaking through the seams. And thanks to its wind-resistant fastening straps, you don't have to worry about it getting blown away either.

Plus, an additional 8" H support pole is included to prop up the center of the cover. So don't just hope your griddle lasts through all sorts of conditions - ensure that it does with this excellent griddle cover.

Compatible with most brands like Blackstone 36-inch griddles and more, the Unicook Heavy Duty Griddle Cover is perfect for any BBQ king who wants convenience and confidence while using their grill outdoors.

Let's Peek Under the Covers

Taking into consideration the harsh outdoor elements, Unicook has developed a durable and weather-resistant grill cover specifically designed to withstand rainwater and sun damage.

They have repeated testing carried out in external labs to ensure that their product is safe and secure. With a new generation of FADE RESISTANT fabric forming the outer layer and waterproof vinyl on the inside, Unicook gas grill covers come with double stitching seams.

At 22.5 inches in depth, 66.5 inches in width, and 26 inches in height – providing the perfect fit for all standard sizes of gas grills. Unicook's commitment to excellence means you won't have to worry about your grill cover fading in direct sunlight or falling apart due to poor-quality material.

Best Grill Cover FAQs

It can be hard to know which grill cover is right for you, especially if you're a first-time buyer.

There are so many different types of grill covers available on the market that it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. Do you need a waterproof cover? A cover that's weather resistant?

Our Grill Cover FAQs will help you figure out which type of grill cover is best for your needs. We have information about all of the different types of grill covers available, as well as tips on how to choose the right one for your needs. This is followed by a handy guide to properly measure your grill to know the right size cover for you.

Are grill covers worth it?

Absolutely! Grill covers are really important if you have a grill. A few reasons why they're worth it include reducing cleaning time, keeping pests away, and protecting your grill from the elements.

Cleaning Time: Grill covers protect your grill from dirt, grime, and grease build-up that can happen if you don't clean it after every use or during harsh weather conditions like rain or snow. This will make regular deep cleans of your grill much easier when it's time to do them!

Pest Control: Keeping a cover on your grill can help keep all sorts of bugs and critters away, especially if you live in an area with a lot of insects or even larger animals like raccoons. Covers also help keep yucky things like old food scraps out too!

Protection From The Elements: Griffin covers work to protect your grill from all kinds of harsh weather conditions like sun, wind, rain, and snow which can damage the outside surface and overall function of the appliance. So by using a cover regularly when not in use - especially during winter months - great protection is ensured for both short-term use and long-term life expectancy.

Is it better to cover your grill or leave it uncovered?

It's usually better to cover your grill when you're not using it. That will help keep dirt, insects, and other outdoor elements away from the parts of your grill that can be damaged by them. It'll also help protect the metal or steel grates from rusting due to exposure to moisture and air.

How do I choose a BBQ grill cover?

Choosing a BBQ grill cover can be tricky! Fortunately, there are a few simple tips that anyone can follow to make sure they get the perfect one.

First and foremost, it's important to know what size of cover you need. Your grill is likely either rectangular or round in shape, so depending on which one you have, measure the length and width (or diameter) of your grill before shopping for covers. Having this information will help you find a cover that fits snugly over your BBQ grill without any excess space or wrinkles.

Second, pay attention to the materials used in constructing the cover and how durable they are. Look for covers made out of waterproof material like canvas fabric with a polyester backing as these will hold up under extreme weather conditions better than plastic ones will. Be sure to also check if there are extra features like air vents along their sides to reduce condensation buildup inside during hot summer days or drawstrings at the bottom so you can cinch it tight around your BBQ frame to keep it secure when strong winds come by!

Finally, look for UV-resistant treatments—this will help ensure that your chosen BBQ grill cover color won't fade quickly from being exposed to too much sunlight over time! With all these considerations taken into account and combined with some personal taste preferences for style and design, choosing the best fit should be easy peasy!

Should the grill cover touch ground?

I see many reviews that indicate that the grill cover not reaching all the way to the ground is a "con" or a negative. Absolutely untrue.

When it comes to grilling, safety should always be your #1 priority. It's important to make sure that your grill is set up properly and in a way that won't cause any harm or danger. So, when it comes to whether you should allow the cover of your grill to touch the ground – there are definitely some things you need to consider.

The first thing you should take into account is how clean the surface below the grill is. If there's dirt, leaves, and other debris on the ground then it can get stuck between the cover and the ground which can be hazardous if something combustible gets stuck in there. You also have to worry about bugs or animals crawling inside where they might not belong and getting hurt or burned!

So, while having your grill’s cover touching the ground isn't necessarily a bad idea – it's important for everyone’s safety that these points are taken into account before doing so. Make sure you always monitor what's going on underneath your barbecue and remove any potential hazards before cooking anything!

Is it OK to leave the grill outside?

The biggest threat when leaving a grill outside is the possibility of it rusting or corroding due to moisture from rain or snow. A rusty or corroded grill may cause uneven heat distribution or malfunction over time, potentially posing a fire hazard if used improperly. It could also become a breeding ground for unwanted pests such as mice, spiders, and roaches which are attracted to warm spaces like grills.

To ensure safe use and protect against damage caused by weather elements like rain and snowfall, you should look into purchasing an outdoor cover specifically made for grills of your particular model size and shape (or get one custom-made). This will guarantee that no water seeps in through any vents in the cooking chamber so moisture stays on the outside where it belongs.

What is the best fabric for a BBQ cover?

The best fabric for a BBQ cover is waterproof, lightweight, and durable. Polyester or vinyl are great choices because they repel water and don’t absorb moisture so you won't have to worry about the fabric getting stained from splashes of grease or oil from your barbecue.

Both materials are also very strong (durable) so they'll last longer even if your BBQ cover sees plenty of wear and tear over time. That way, you can keep using it year after year without having to replace it every summer.

How do I keep my grill cover from blowing off?

Keeping your grill cover in place can be tricky, especially when it’s windy outside. But don't worry -- there are some simple things you can do to make sure that your cover stays secure!

First of all, make sure that the cover is tightly secured. If the cover is loose and not snugly fit, the wind will easily blow it off. So check to see if it's fastened tightly with elastic straps or drawstrings around the edges.

You should also add extra weights on top of each corner of the cover for added security. You can use stones or bricks that you have lying around at home to weigh down each corner so strong winds won't be able to move it as easily. The weight should be evenly distributed so one side isn't heavier than another which could cause an imbalance and tear the material over time.

Lastly, consider investing in a permanent attachment system designed specifically for securing covers like yours against high winds and other unpredictable weather conditions; they usually come in form of anchors which securely attach to any surface such as concrete or stone patios, flagstone pavers, etc., forming anchoring points that keep covers firmly fixed in place irrespective of how strong the wind gusts are!

What fabric is best for a grill cover?

When you're looking for a grill cover, the best fabric is waterproof polyester. That's because it's lightweight yet strong and sturdy, so it won't be too bulky or get in your way when you're trying to use your grill.

Plus, it's designed to resist water and other stains, so you don't have to worry about rain or other liquids ruining your cover! Polyester also resists fading and doesn't shrink or stretch when exposed to wet weather - which means you can keep using the same cover for years without having to replace it.

Finally, since polyester is made from synthetic fibers rather than natural ones like cotton or wool, it tends to be much less expensive than those materials too - so you can find a good quality cover at an affordable price!

Do grill covers cause rust?

Grill covers can cause rust, but it depends on the quality of the cover and how you use it. If a grill cover is made from a material that’s not resistant to moisture—such as vinyl or cotton—it can trap moisture and could lead to rusting.

Also, if your grill has been left outside during bad weather (rain or snow), then this can also cause water buildup under the cover which might lead to rusting.

The best way to avoid this problem is by using a quality cover that’s waterproof and made with materials like polyester or canvas fabric treated with water-repellent chemicals. The chemical protective coating should help keep out moisture while still allowing airflow so your food won't be soggy when cooking it on your grill!

You will also want to make sure you clean off any dust, leaves, or other debris before covering up your grill. Finally, try not to leave the grill covered for too long and check for signs of rust regularly.

Are all grill covers the same?

No, all grill covers are not the same. Grill covers come in different sizes and materials to meet different needs.

For example, some grill covers are made of heavy-duty vinyl that is designed to protect your grill from rain and wind, while others may be made of lightweight polyester designed for milder weather protection or occasional use.

Some grills might require a custom-sized cover that fits snugly around the whole thing, while others can make do with a standard-sized one that just drapes over it. Additionally, some manufacturers also offer an array of features like pockets for storage or handle on the sides for easy removal as well as other unique features such as adjustable straps and air vents.

So no matter what kind of grill you have or how much protection you need from the elements it's important to find the cover specifically suited for your particular model.

Can I use a tarp as a grill cover?

While not the ideal solution, yes, you can use a tarp as a grill cover. A tarp is made of thick fabric with waterproof material. This makes it perfect for covering your grill and keeping it clean in any weather condition.

Just make sure that the tarp is big enough to properly cover all parts of your grill and keep moisture, dirt, and dust from entering. You should also check the edges of the tarp regularly to ensure there are no rips or holes that would allow rain or debris into your grill.

Additionally, if you want extra protection for your grill against harsh weather conditions such as wind and storms, you may want to look into buying an actual grill cover specifically designed for this purpose.

Grill covers come in a variety of sizes so you'll be able to find one that fits your exact model.

Some Help On Measuring Your Grill Properly

Nothing is more frustrating than buying something online and it doesn't fit. Dealing with returns and re-ordering is a hassle. We have included a handy instructional below to help you measure your grill properly so you get the right size the first time.

Width - Measure from left to right across the front of the grill. *Include side tables if they will remain in the up position.

Depth - Measure the depth of your grill from the furthest point front to back, including wheels, cabinet shelves, and handles, control knobs - any accessories extending beyond the grill body.

Height - Measure in a straight line from the ground to the highest point of your grill.

*We recommend a cover 1-2 inches shorter than the grill for breathability.

Which is the Best Grill Cover for You?

We hope that this article provided you with the information necessary to help you make your decision on the right grill cover for you. After carefully researching and looking at all of the factors, we know that one of these covers will be perfect for protecting your favorite grill.

We looked at quality, material, convenience, and price so that you can get exactly what you need without breaking the bank. So go ahead and take a look through our list and see which one fits your needs best.

Don't forget to tap the button at the bottom of the page to have Amazon deliver your new grill cover straight to your front door. Remember, whichever cover works best for your outdoor cooking setup is the one for you.

Thanks for reading!

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